Symptoms of prostatitis in men and their treatment

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Prostatitis is a disease of the prostate gland, from which according to statistics about half of the men of the planet aged between 20 and 50 suffer. The prostate gland is a very important element in the genitourinary system of men: it produces a substance that activates the spermatozoa and ensures their stability. With the prostate this function is disrupted, leading to various problems. Therefore, if you notice symptoms of prostatitis, treatment with folk remedies will help at home.

  • Symptoms of prostatitis
  • Prostatitis - the causes of
  • Treatment of prostatitis
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Prostate massage
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercises for prostatitis
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Onion Seed Treatment
  • Candles made of propolis
  • Camomile tea
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Chestnut shell treatment
  • Prophylaxis of prostatitis
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Symptoms of prostatitis

At the initial stage of prostatitis symptoms are very easy to manifest, it is:

  • rapid and painful urination;
  • decreased libido;
  • painful sensations in the lower abdomen or scrotum;
  • burning in the perineum;
  • ejaculation disorder;
  • blood in the urine;
  • nervousness.

Important!If you have blood in your urine, immediately consult a doctor! About what kind of doctor treats prostatitis we already wrote. This symptom can be a consequence of purulent inflammation.

Most often the disease is expressed in the violation of urination. With an unchanged daily amount of urine, trips to the toilet increase. As a rule, urination occurs in small portions, painful sensations or difficulties with urination may appear.

If you do not start the treatment in time, then there is an exacerbation, acute prostatitis occurs, and the first symptoms of the disease are added:

  • increased body temperature;
  • fever and chills;
  • swelling of the prostate.

With symptoms of a chronic form of prostatitis, all of the above symptoms may be present, but their manifestation will be periodic and not as bright as in the acute form. In some cases, the disease is prostatitis, without symptoms.

Prostatitis - the causes of

Due to various reasons, one of 4 forms of prostatitis can develop: acute, chronic bacterial or non-bacterial, prostatodynia.

Bacterial form of prostatitis occurs when infected with various infections, most often chlamydia, trichomoniasis or gonococcus.

Other forms of the disease can be provoked:

  • sedentary way of life;
  • irregular sexual intercourse;
  • circulatory disturbance;
  • hypothermia;
  • nerve stress and stress;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • avitaminosis.

Treatment of prostatitis

Now you know what symptoms of prostatitis in men, the treatment of the disease can take place with an integrated approach: both medicamental and folk remedies have a beneficial effect on restoring the functions of the male body.

If signs and symptoms of prostatitis are found, the medicine is prescribed by the doctor as a urologist after the examination and diagnosis. During the survey, the following can be carried out:

  • anamnesis collection;
  • analysis of the secretion of the prostate;
  • examination of urine;
  • bacteriological culture;
  • cystoscopy;
  • tomography;
  • Ultrasound;
  • finger rectal feeling.


Prostatitis is a disease that is difficult to treat. However, if you follow all the prescriptions of a doctor faithfully, you can get rid of the symptoms for a long time or even for the rest of your life. A physician must have complex treatment, taking into account all the features of the patient's body. The main goal of treatment at the initial stage is to eliminate the cause of the disease.

With bacterial prostatitis, antibacterial therapy is performed. It is necessary in order to get rid of the microorganisms that provoked the disease. To antibiotic therapy must be treated with all seriousness and responsibility. In no case can it be interrupted or terminated before the time. If all the bacteria can not be destroyed in one course, they will show up again, but already with immunity to the drug. At this stage, a lot depends on the doctor, on how carefully and according to the characteristics of the disease in a particular man, he picked up the medicine.

Important!Details about the treatment of prostatitis with medicines read in our article.

An important role is given to immunomodulators (drugs that regulate the immune system). According to the statements of urologists, in recent years Polyoxidonium helps to achieve good results.

If the patient complains of painful sensations, anesthetizing and warm baths are prescribed.


For more effective treatment, you need to make some changes to your diet. It is necessary to use as much as possible products that improve blood circulation, raising immunity.

So, you need to eat:

  • greenery;
  • onion and garlic;
  • citrus;
  • rose hips;
  • mustard;
  • seafood;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, from the diet should be excluded products that adversely affect the body, contributing to blood stasis, increasing the rate of urine formation.

Strongly not use:

  • alcohol;
  • beans;
  • sorrel;
  • by-products;
  • very spicy dishes;
  • pork;
  • soda;
  • baking.

Prostate massage

This procedure, seemingly unpleasant for every man, is a very important and indispensable element of therapy. Massage of the prostate allows:

  • to squeeze an inflamed secret;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • accelerate the action of antibacterial drugs;
  • lead the prostate into tonus.

During the procedure the patient can be in the knee-elbow position or on the side, bending the knees to the stomach. Vaseline smeared with the index finger of the hand, previously dressed in a glove, is inserted into the anus. After that, the doctor gropes the prostate gland 3-5 cm from the anus. Then begins the massage itself, which is a neat massaging movement in different directions (up-down, figure 8, etc.).

Important!About how to detect the prostate and carry out a massage read here.

How painful is this procedure? Strangely enough, basically it depends on the patient's mental state. Many people say that having relaxed well, they did not notice any unpleasant sensations at all. Of course, the degree of pain during massage is influenced by the doctor's qualification, the features of the disease, the size of the prostate.


The main goal of physiotherapy with prostatitis is the regulation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. This procedure can be carried out using:

  • electromagnetic oscillations;
  • ultrasonic waves;
  • warm enemas;
  • laser therapy, etc.

Exercises for prostatitis

One of the causes of the disease is blood stasis. In this case, there may be an attack of prostatitis, symptoms, which will be frequent urge to urinate. Let's look at a set of exercises that improve blood circulation.

  1. Reduction of sphincter muscles. Such cuts should be done regularly, several times a day for 30 times. Do not worry if there are unpleasant feelings - it's from not training the muscles.
  2. Cold and hot shower. This procedure promotes blood flow throughout the body. You can take a contrast shower for the whole body, and exclusively for the perineum. It is very important to properly adjust the water temperature: do not make it too cold or hot. Recommended intervals are half a minute warm water and a quarter cold for five minutes.
  3. Massaging the perineum. It is recommended to perform a prone exercise. You need to massage the area between the anus and the scrotum, just below the pelvic bone. Massage is carried out with the help of pressing movements of medium strength. Press for 2-3 seconds and at the same time lower. Repeat for five minutes.

Treatment with folk remedies

Of course, our ancestors also faced inflammation of the prostate gland. Before the emergence of methods of modern medicine, they developed their own, fairly effective means. In case of pain with prostatitis, traditional medicine with its methods of treatment was used. Let's take a closer look at what she has to offer.

Onion Seed Treatment

Onion seeds are excellent for treating bacterial prostatitis. For the preparation of the medicinal mixture, the ground seeds must be mixed with honey in equal proportions. Take on the tea bed 3 times a day.

Candles made of propolis

For cooking, you need propolis extract and cocoa butter. For 20 g, what is needed is 1 g of extract. From the received mass form candles and enter them rectal every day before a dream for 3 months.

Camomile tea

The recipe gives a good effect with exacerbations of chronic prostatitis. An infusion of chamomile can be taken either inside, or used as an enema. For cooking, pour 100 g of boiling water 1 tablespoon of dry chamomile, let it brew for about an hour. After the time has passed, strain the solution. The resulting broth can be drunk at night or used as an enema.

Attention!The temperature of the infusion for the enema should be 1-2 degrees above body temperature.

Pumpkin seeds

Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds was quite popular among our ancestors. The effect of this method is due to the high content of zinc in the seeds. For the treatment, you can consume sunflower seeds both raw (about 30 pieces per day) and honey mixture. For its preparation, grind pre-fried seeds into powder and mix with honey. From the resulting mixture, make balls, the size of a walnut, store them in the refrigerator. It is recommended to use old, candied honey, so that the "nuts" better keep the shape. Eat one ball for half an hour before dinner.

Chestnut shell treatment

In the people it is believed that this method will quickly get rid of prostatitis. For treatment you will need a shell with needles, which must be brewed and drunk as a decoction. How to cook a broth:

  1. Collect ripe autumn chestnuts.
  2. Peel them from the peel.
  3. Pour overnight with boiled water.
  4. In the morning, strain the solution and keep in a water bath until they evaporate by a third.
  5. Take 1 teaspoon before the first meal.

The course of treatment is 60 days.

Prophylaxis of prostatitis

As you know, the most effective way to treat diseases is to prevent their development. It is necessary to be checked up after treatment and detection of symptoms of a prostatitis, in 2 months after infection. This will help in time to prevent a possible recurrence of the disease.

To prevent prostatitis, observe the following preventive measures:

  1. Do not overcool. Do not sit on cold surfaces, in winter use thermal underwear.
  2. Conduct regular (1 time per year) examinations at the urologist.
  3. Live a regular sex life.
  4. Try to lead a mobile life, if possible, walk more.
  5. Give up bad habits and eat right.

Watch your health!

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