Healing, useful and medicinal properties of pine nut oil with gum

In the taiga thickets of Siberia and Altai, the mighty evergreen tree of the pine family grows.
This giant is called Siberian cedar and is considered to be one of the most powerful and majestic trees on earth.

The cedar pine collections have a wide area of ​​their homeland, stretching from the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean to the Himalayas and Canada, and Lebanon even placed an image of the cedar tree on the official coat of arms of the country.

The most ancient folk remedy
  • The best home remedy
  • Useful properties
  • Mineral and trace elements storage
  • Methods of application
  • Rejuvenation tool
  • Culinary discovery
  • Contraindications and harm

It is known for certain that in the stone pine forests there is a special, life-giving atmosphere, favorable for human health.

Cedar is able to saturate the air with ionized oxygen and useful phytoncides, literally sterilizing the entire space in the district.

No wonder the residents of these areas have strong health and are longevity.

The most ancient folk remedy

The mention of the amazing evergreen giants is already found in the Bible, where cedar symbolizes well-being, strength and prosperity.

What is a mighty handsome man who secured such a reputation and thanks to what properties he received such a high rating?

Answers to these questions were carefully preserved and brought to us by folk legends, brilliantly confirmed by modern scientific research.

Concentrate of strength and power of the majestic pine pine is enclosed in a life-giving oily liquid, to which he generously nourished his seeds.

The cedar oil obtained from them is a unique product, which, perhaps, can not be found in nature.

Cedar shoots, bark, needles and oleoresin are also used as medicinal raw materials.

But the main value for humans are nuts in fragrant and beautiful cones.

Cedar nut oil has a unique composition that does not have synthesized analogues.

For its useful qualities and calorie content it surpasses almost all of the vegetable oils known to date.

Recipes based on this product were known to the ancient healers.

Already in those days, oil was successfully used to treat a variety of ailments: stomach diseases and burns, increased pressure and skin diseases.

The best home remedy

Modern medicine fully confirms the richest composition and excellent properties of cedar oil for humans.

The presence in it:

  • of valuable nutrients,
  • complex of vitamins and inorganic compounds,

allows the oil to confidently lead the list of the best natural products for the treatment and prevention of diseases, to be an excellent anti-aging agent and the standard of beauty products.

Natural cedar oil is extracted in the process of pressing cedar seeds at low temperatures, otherwise referred to as cold pressing. This method retains all the benefits of an invaluable product.

Amber oily liquid has a pleasant taste and a unique nutty aroma, and for its amazing properties, the name of the drug for one hundred diseases is firmly entrenched.

Looking in the heart of the treasury, we will try to see what secrets are hidden under the nutshell to be able to use the gifts of the priceless pantry skillfully.

Useful properties of

1. Vitamin E, or tocopherol acetate, is known for its ability to bind free radicals, preventing aging and rejuvenating body cells.

In addition, tocopherol creates a reliable barrier to oncological diseases and increases the elasticity of blood vessels, preventing the attachment of blood clots and atherosclerotic plaques.

The content of this vitamin even the famous olive oil is 5 times inferior to the "cedar fellow".

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2. Vitamin F, or anticholesterol.
This name hides a whole complex of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are used as a building material for cell membranes and play an important role in the normal metabolism.

Vitamin F provides immune protection of the body, prevents allergies, accelerates the healing of wound surfaces and, together with vitamin D , provides normal osteosynthesis.

The extremely important properties of the vitamin also include the ability to influence spermatogenesis.

Given the 3-fold excess of vitamin content compared to the once-famous fish oil, cedar oil can also be ranked among the leaders.

3. Vitamin A, or retinol acetate, refers to vitally important vitamins, is widely known for its influence of on acuity and protection against infectious diseases.

Retinol actively participates in the development of bone tissue, the synthesis of proteins and collagen, so it is especially important for intrauterine growth and development of the fetus .

The action of vitamin A in cedar oil is greatly enhanced in tandem with mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids contained therein.

4. Vitamins of group B are the main regulators of the activity of the nervous and circulatory system.

Participating in the synthesis of many hormones( cortisol, insulin, thyroxine), vitamin B is indispensable for human health and life.

Mineral and trace minerals

In addition to vitamins, cedar oil can boast a high content of phosphorus and magnesium, important for energy tone and saving us from depression and insomnia.

It is of great interest as a rich source of natural iodine. In addition, 100 g of delicious nut kernels contain a daily requirement for:

  • manganese,
  • copper,
  • cobalt,
  • zinc,
  • iron,
  • silver.

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This composition gives cedar oil a number of properties that are unique in their strength and importance for human health.

It fills with vitality and relieves fatigue, increases the efficiency and resistance of the body to infections, stresses and other adverse environmental influences.

The combination of components that is perfectly selected by nature allows it to be perfectly absorbed, maximally demonstrating high preventive, therapeutic and cosmetic characteristics.

The absence of contraindications makes its use safe and affordable for use in all ages and health conditions.

Methods of application

Pathology of the circulatory system .
Regular intake of cedar oil:

  • stimulates cerebral and peripheral blood circulation,
  • increases the elasticity of blood vessels,
  • saturates tissues of all organs with oxygen.

Excellent therapeutic effect is achieved with atherosclerosis, varicose veins of limbs, ischemic heart diseases.

Diseases of the digestive system :

  • gastritis,
  • ulcers,
  • pancreatitis,
  • hepatitis,
  • cholelithiasis.

Membrane stabilizing effect of cedar oil provides him with the properties of the hepatoprotector necessary for restoration of liver tissue and its functions.

Thanks to the ability to normalize acidity, oil is considered an excellent antiulcer, several drops of which instantly eliminate heartburn.

Oil not only prevents inflammation at all levels of the gastrointestinal tract, but also eliminates the aggravation of the inflammatory process, while normalizing the secretion and peristalsis of the digestive system.

Failures of the regenerative system .
Oil restores reproductive function, and also normalizes the function of the prostate, preventing proliferative inflammation of the prostate gland.

Rehabilitation and rehabilitation.
The ability to remove intoxication is used in the acute period of poisoning and infectious diseases, as well as during the course of chemotherapy.

In addition, due to the excellent properties of recovery and regeneration, it is used in the rehabilitation and recovery period after a severe course and exacerbation of a long-term ongoing chronic pathology.

Dermatology and regeneration .
Excellent properties of epithelization have found application in kombustiologii and traumatology - for treatment of burns, acceleration of healing of wound surfaces, acceleration of regeneration of tissues.

In addition, this product is successfully used in the treatment of serious diseases such as psoriasis and seborrhea, diathesis and eczema, is highly effective in combating hair loss, brittle nails and other skin problem and its appendages.

Obstetric and gynecological practice.
The importance of polyunsaturated fatty acids for a full intrauterine development has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific research.

The presence of cedar oil in the daily diet of pregnant women ensures normal intrauterine development of the baby, having a special effect on the formation of the optic organ and central nervous system.

In addition, the use of cedar cone oil normalizes uteroplacental blood flow, restoring the full functioning of the placenta - and, therefore, the transportation of nutrients to the fetus and full gas exchange.

Taking an oil extract is equally important in the period of breastfeeding - as for the mother, for the baby.

The general strengthening effect of allows the use of cedar oil in pediatric practice - for the treatment and prevention of immunodeficient conditions in children, increasing resistance to infections of all kinds.

It is also good to use in chronic fatigue syndrome, during periods of stress and in an unfavorable ecological environment.

rejuvenation means All the characteristics of cedar oil literally push it onto the pediatrist of cosmetology.

Excellent moisturizing and anti-aging properties have long been used in the beauty industry to protect against aging and prolonging youth.

Oil gives elasticity and freshness to the skin, helps fight wrinkles and gives it freshness and well-groomed appearance.

The easiest way to use is to add a few drops of oil to creams, shampoos or lotions.

Fatty cedar masks for the neck, chin and décolleté zone are extremely effective, especially when combined with external use and oral administration.

Culinary discovery of

Delicious and high-calorie product could not be overlooked by culinary experts. Oils are seasoned with salads, used as a base and for giving a special flavor to confectionary creams.

Contraindications and Harms

Contraindications and side effects have not been registered in the practice of cedar oil.

The only precaution can be called individual intolerance, which, incidentally, happens in all, without exception, food and drug substances.

Therefore, if there is a suspicion of an allergic attitude towards this product, the application should begin with a minimal dose. The reaction of the body to the reception will serve as a signal for its cancellation or for further use.

We offer to watch the video of the program "Live healthy", dedicated to the useful properties of cedar oil.

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