How does scabies manifest and after what time?

Scabies or dermatosis is an infectious dermatological disease. It provokes an itch mite that penetrates the upper layers of the epidermis. Infection affects children and adults. Infection occurs with unpleasant symptoms, such as severe itching, rashes and redness of the skin. This article will discuss in more detail the disease, causes and symptoms, as well as how scabies are manifested.

  • In detail about a dermatosis
  • The causes of scabies and ways of infection
  • After how many days it appears: the first signs of infection
  • Features of infection in children
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Scabies Therapy
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In detail about a dermatosis

Scabies are a skin disease caused by a parasite. The tick has microscopic dimensions, so it can be seen through a microscope. As soon as the parasite penetrates the healthy person, the female begins the process of fertilization. After that, it gnaws on the surface of a small depression and makes an itch. In these holes, larvae will develop.

Parasites appear on the feet, palms and wrists. They choose these places, because they have almost no hair, but they have a thick layer of epidermis and they have many sweat glands. Sweat fills the itch moves, thereby creating excellent conditions for the growth and development of offspring. Within two weeks, the larvae become full individuals, they begin to multiply successfully, conquering new areas of the body. The whole process causes severe itching, the person combs the damaged areas, thereby spreading the parasite to other areas of the body.

In the itch channel, in addition to the larvae, the products of the vital activity of the parasite are stored. They are foreign bodies that the body tries to sever in every possible way. That's why all the unpleasant symptoms of the disease occur. Activity ticks at night, so all symptoms are exacerbated in the evening.

The causes of scabies and ways of infection

The main reason for the appearance of scabies are poor sanitary standards of the population. In such an environment, the body loses immunity and is not able to fight infections. Among the most common factors that affect the presence of ticks, doctors identify:

  • non-observance of the rules of individual hygiene;
  • disorderly intimacy;
  • stay in a country with a low sanitary culture;
  • decreased quality of life;
  • all activities that lead to a large number of people.

Infection with scabies occurs only with prolonged contact with the skin of an infected person. Most often this happens during sexual intercourse. Children can pick up the infection from their parents or in the kindergarten. The risk zone includes students who begin to live in a hostel and communicate closely with their peers. Usually mites are not transmitted through household items, but there are exceptions.

Having carefully studied the features of scabies, experts came to conclusions:

  • the mite does not show activity during the day, they begin their vital activity only at night;
  • The parasite requires at least 30 minutes to penetrate the human body;
  • In the external environment mites lose their activity and die completely in a day.

Sometimes, infection can occur through pets. However, such a disease does not last long and the mites die on their own, so no treatment is required.

After what time after infection does the scabies manifest? From infection to the first symptoms of the disease can take only a few hours, and sometimes a week or a month. In any case, the ailment sooner or later will manifest itself.

After how many days it appears: the first signs of infection

How does scabies develop in adults? At the initial stage, regardless of age, the disease does not manifest itself in any way, this period can last up to 1 month. Unpleasant symptoms begin to manifest as soon as the immune system weakens, so the skin will have the first allergic rash. They arise because of the larvae, as well as the products of the vital activity of the parasite.

How does scabies develop on the hands and other parts of the body? Dermatosis in a person manifests itself as unpleasant symptoms, among the main doctors distinguish:

  • severe itching, is felt about a month after infection. At night, it increases, and decreases during the day;
  • the appearance of itch moves reminds of a slightly swollen light strip, its length is about 1 cm;
  • bubbles and keratinized skin areas, which are very itchy, appear in the process of the mite's vital activity.

Where does infection occur? All unpleasant symptoms appear as the tick spreads. Typically, the rash affects the wrists, feet, hands, abdomen, breasts in women, thighs, the area of ​​the sacrum and between the gluteal folds. In these places the most favorable environment for active growth and development of ticks prevails.

Features of infection in children

How does scabies develop in children? The child tolerates infection more heavily than adults. The disease can spread to the entire body, as well as the head and face. If the dermatosis hit the baby before 1 year, then it affects badly his nails, they begin to separate, become thick and loose. Scabies significantly weakened the fragile baby organism, at this very moment the child is prone to severe additional infections. This process complicates the treatment, so the first symptoms of the child should be shown to the doctor.

Diagnosis of the disease

At the first symptoms it is necessary to address to the dermatologist. The doctor will carefully examine the patient and prescribe a comprehensive examination. In the process, physicians will try to get the mite out of the running channel, and also to cut off a small patch of the upper layer of the epidermis. The examination will detect the pathogen and see the eggs of the parasite. Scabrous strokes are clearly visible if an iodine solution or ink is applied to the affected area. During the procedure, iodine will penetrate the canal and show up in dark brown strips. Based on the findings, the doctor will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment regimen.

Scabies Therapy

It is important to remember that treatment of dermatosis is mandatory. The initial stage of the disease is very amenable to therapy, if the disease is neglected, it can aggravate and provoke other infectious ailments. Modern pharmacology produces many drugs for the treatment of scabies, so therapy is not difficult. Carrying out all the doctor's recommendations, good results can be achieved very quickly.

For treatment usually prescribe a preparation of benzyl benzoate 20%. The emulsion is applied to clean and dry skin and left for 3 hours. Treatment is carried out once a day, preferably before bedtime, and the course of treatment lasts 3 days. As a rule, the disease recedes, if necessary, repeat therapy.

For treatment, other drugs are used:

  • Sulfuric ointment;
  • Spregal;
  • Lindane;
  • Permethrin.

Important!Treatment of scabies should be under the supervision of a doctor.

If someone from family members have found a dermatosis, then everyone is required to undergo therapy for prevention. Clothing and bed of the infected person should be carefully processed (boil for about 10 minutes), and then ironed at high temperature. Any items, such as children's toys, must be packed in a sealed bag and left for 7 days, during this time the mites will die. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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