Quickly sober up: how and by what means

Quite often at parties and parties drinking people sort out too much with alcohol. And they get so drunk that they can not adequately move or think. In this case, it is not always possible to fully sleep and sober up. In such cases, it is possible to implement certain measures that will help bring a heavily drunk person into feeling and clearing the mind.

There are ways to sober up quickly for a long or short time. Everything depends on the degree of alcoholic intoxication and the individual characteristics of the organism of the person drinking.


Sober for a short time

The way to bring a drunk to life for 15 to 30 minutes isin increasing the tone of his nervous system. Shake the body can be carried out by washing the snow, a cold shower, even ice water. Also, an energetic massage of the feet, the auricles makes the mind clear. You can chew mint leaves, laurel leaves, rinse your mouth with soda and brush your teeth with toothpaste with a sharp taste. A good method is to drink strong tea or coffee with lemon.

A ginger tea with the addition of honey will help to sober up. The only thing to consider is sweet foods, drinks increase absorption in the stomach of alcohol. If you give coffee and tea to a drunk for sobering, then let it clean the stomach first.

How quickly to sober up for a long time

If sobriety needs to be returned for more than 30 minutes, then cleanse the intestines with an enema. Each enema should be a volume of 2 liters of water, the water temperature - room. Further, rinsing of the stomach is done. For rapid sobriety, the stomach must be cleaned several times with ordinary water. Drunk more than necessary, after each serving of drunk water, cause a vomitive reflex.

In hospital hospitals clean blood from alcohol with hemodialysis, forced diuresis or intravenous infusions. At home, to sober up you need to increase access to fresh air, go to the bath, drink anything from diuretics.

In the role of a diuretic home, use mineral water in large quantities, green tea, oats, watermelon, zucchini.

When a heavily intoxicated citizen in good physical condition, quickly sobering intense physical load. Increases sweating, breathing, heart rate. The load catalyzes, accelerates the metabolism.

After washing the gastrointestinal tract, a sobering person should sniff the cotton wool with ammonia. To drink ascorbic acid( better instant tablets), somewhere 2.0 gr.on 60 - 70 kg.weight.

A quarter of an hour after cleansing the stomach, the patient must be pricked and injected with a 5% solution of thiamine( also vitamin B 1) in a 20% glucose solution( total volume of the injected solution is 10 ml).

Alcoholic intoxication actively affects the brain. Therefore, intense mental work is also sobering. With a drunk person it is advisable to conduct a meaningful conversation.

After sobering procedures, you can not drink alcohol! If possible, you need to sleep for three hours.

Folk methods of fast sobering

  1. Quickly sober up all kinds of fruits, especially: oranges, grapefruits, peaches, bananas, pears and sweet apples.
  2. Well sober natural honey. But do not drink it abundantly with water.
  3. Milk prevents rapid absorption of alcohol. Before a feast drink a glass of milk.
  4. Drink five to six drops of ammonia in a glass of cool water and quickly sober up!
  5. Eat raspberry berries, they will soon be sober.
  6. Coca-Cola in a cool form will help to remove a part of alcoholic intoxication.
  7. Stock up with tincture of peppermint in the pharmacy. When strong intoxication, a person is allowed to drink 20 drops of tincture in a glass of water.
  8. To improve the condition after drinking alcohol, drink one aspirin tablet, or drink sour juice from apples, orange or tomato.
  9. Activate mental activity by solving problems, puzzles, reading books. This will help reduce the degree of intoxication.
  10. Take a walk in the fresh air at a fast pace. Exchange processes in the body will increase, alcohol will be broken down and withdrawn faster. Try not to smoke. Sobering up such a cocktail: take 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil, add one pinch of black and red pepper, salt. Next, separately mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar( 6%) with horseradish, and pour on the tomato-egg mass. Have a drink of this cocktail.
  11. Rapid reflexology will help restore consciousness when expressed intoxication. There are many biologically active points on the human body. Find the points between the nose and the upper lip, between the bases of the forefinger and the thumb. With the exact location of the point there is a feeling of soreness, aches, feelings of raspiraniya.with the tip of your index finger or thumb, find the point, then press down on it and move around in a rhythm of 2-3 turns per second. The finger should not rub the skin and slide on it. The movements are circular, in any direction. After a minute action on the point, the result will appear.

A quick and effective way to sober up the dead drunk

An interesting and original method of restoring sobriety, consists of several stages:

  1. Let the drunk attempt to grasp himself by the tip of the nose and pull it with the index and middle fingers. These same movements need to massage the nose to a slight pain. The smell of a drunk person will improve, the exchange of blood in the nasopharynx will intensify.
  2. The way a sobering man sniffs a cotton wool with ammonia and strongly rubs his whiskey with the same fleece.

Never get drunk when driving!

Of course, the considered methods of rapid sobering do not give a stable and lasting effect. Although they will help alleviate the consequences of the binge. Observe moderation in drinking alcohol!

Rules for the correct intake of alcohol

To avoid drunkenness, listen to some tips and rules when drinking alcohol:

  • Do not interfere with alcoholic drinks of different strength and quality. If you can not adhere to only one chosen type of alcohol, then observe the principle of use on increasing: from weak to stronger.
  • Well snack alcohol with meat dishes, fish, salads, potatoes, fruits. Try to drink 1 glass a day, not more often than half an hour between them.
  • Do not hold in your mouth wine, beer, etc., so you can quickly get drunk and do not drink alcohol with a straw.

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