Black and white sesame: useful properties and contraindications for women and men

Oilseed sesame culture has appeared for a long time.

In the beginning, she had other names, today we are familiar with the fairy tale: "til", "simsim".

Sesame seeds harbor a solid benefit, however, not everyone knows this. The oil contained in them is often used only in three directions: medicine, cooking and cosmetology.

  • Background of the article:
    • Background
    • What is in it
    • Useful properties
    • Traditional medicine
      • Oil application
    • Contraindications and harm
    • How to choose and store

    Historical background

    The plant was first noticed in South Africa.

    Later it was cultivated in the Far East, Central Asian countries and India.

    It is interesting that overseas sesame has found itself a mass and diverse application, while in Russia it is used only for the preparation of sweet dishes:

    • kozinaks,
    • halva with the addition of licorice root syrup( instructions for use to children),
    • grilling

    Also imsprinkle buns and another bun.

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    If Russians got to know the sesame closer, they used it not only in cooking, because it has great health benefits for the human body.

    What is in it

    In one sesame seed contains a lot of oil - half of the composition. In addition to oil, here there is sesamin - a substance that can be protected from various diseases, including cancer.

    Sesame reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood .This mission is carried out and beta-sitosterol, which is also a lot in sesame seeds.

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    Useful vitamins:

    • retinol,
    • tocopherol,
    • ascorbic acid,
    • vitamins B,

    and also chemicals:

    • iron,
    • potassium and calcium,
    • phosphorus and magnesium.

    They promote the health of the body when using sesame for food. The seed contains:

    • lecithin,
    • minerals,
    • fitin.

    The latter, normalizes the mineral balance, if it is broken.

    Phytosterol is another useful substance of in sesame.

    It makes immunity resistant to negative environmental influences, due to which, a person is sick less often or does not suffer from colds at all.

    Thanks to phytosterol, the threat of defeat by atherosclerosis is several times lower. And the substance helps people who are overweight.

    Thiamine in sesame composition normalizes the metabolism process, it has a beneficial effect on the CNS.

    Vitamin PP provides good digestion and the smooth functioning of the digestive system. In one sesame seed contains 560-570 kilocalories.

    Useful properties

    Seeds of sesame are pleasant to the taste. To keep them as useful as possible, it is desirable to soak them or slightly warm up.

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    And here, if you fry sesame seeds to get aromatic spice, you can not hope that there will be useful properties in it:

    • after such processing they are lost.

    Seed action has a positive effect on:

    • state of nails( how to do a manicure on short at home is written here),
    • hair( folk remedies for hair loss),
    • improve blood composition,
    • affect even growth: the action of vitamin B2, which in excess in a sesame seed, accelerates the growth of a person.

    Sesame is saturated with calcium , without which bones and joints will be brittle and brittle. Therefore, plant seeds are eaten to avoid osteoporosis.

    Bodybuilders use sesame seeds, as well as guarana seeds( about useful properties in sports written in this article) in their diet, because with it you can increase the amount of muscle. In a day, to saturate the body with calcium, you need to eat 100 grams of seeds.

    Traditional medicine

    Sesame is known as a medical tool since ancient times.

    Then the medicine men prescribed him a sick cold.

    Today the scope of spice has expanded, and it is used to treat asthma and inflammation of the lungs.

    Women's health sesame has invaluable benefits:

    • positively affect the genitourinary system and the sexual organs of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

    Healers from time immemorial advised women to consume sesame seeds in their raw form - every day on a spoon, thoroughly, chewing.

    Young mothers seeds help maintain mammary health, prevent the risk of developing mastopathy.

    In the daily menu of a woman who has crossed the threshold of the 45th anniversary, it is obligatory, sesame should be present. It acts as an analogue of female hormones, and this is so important in the menopause.

    In order to treat mastitis , traditional medicine recommends applying ground sesame mixed with sunflower oil to the inflamed mammary glands.

    This recipe should be agreed with the attending physician .

    If sesame seeds are used together with flax seeds( useful properties) and poppy seeds, it acquires the properties of an aphrodisiac, and therefore is extremely useful for both women and men.

    Application of

    oil A useful oil is squeezed out of sesame seeds. It is used for medical purposes - for the manufacture of healing adhesive plasters, therapeutic ointments.

    It is proven that it helps the blood to curdle faster. Still it or him use as laxative:

    • together with it an organism leave and harmful substances.

    Oil moisturizes the intestines with a lack of moisture in it.

    For cosmetic purposes, oil is added to face and body care, it:

    • smoothes fine wrinkles( how to make a face cucumber mask),
    • helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin,
    • softens and moisturizes it.

    The substances contained in the oil have a beneficial effect on the skin. They strengthen the protective system, eliminate redness. The complexion is equalized.

    Sesame oil prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays, so today they produce cosmetic products for tanning based on this spice.

    It is capable of curing sunburns .
    Use oil for massage. Women like cosmetic milk to remove makeup, which contains the described product.

    Sesame oil enriches the hair of with nutrients and maintains a normal level of moisture in the roots.

    Contraindications and Harm

    Along with the benefits of sesame seed, it can also cause a significant harm to the health of some people.

    Its property to improve blood clotting, when using sesame for food, is dangerous for those who have clotting and already high or diagnosed with thrombosis( blockage of blood vessels).

    You can not apply sesame seeds in the presence of sand and stones in the organs of the urinary system.

    The mucous walls of the stomach are tender and acutely responsive to anything that enters the stomach. Excessive consumption of sesame seeds causes irreparable harm.

    That's why doctors advise eating spices only in small quantities.

    Adult person , if his health is ok, you can eat sesame in the amount of 2-3 small spoons per day.

    It is not recommended to eat spices in the morning, before meals:

    • will necessarily have a feeling of nausea and want to drink.

    How to choose and store

    When choosing sesame seeds, remember the following.

    Sesame must be dry, crumbly.

    Well, if the seeds are sold on the back, or at least in transparent bags.

    If the sour taste of bitter , it indicates a bad quality or that it is spoiled.

    Acquired sesame can not be stored for years:

    • because of the presence of oil, it spoils in the coming months.

    In raw form and with a peel, the seeds are more useful and stored longer.

    In this form, put them in a sealed container and keep in a dry place where there are no high temperatures, and where the sun's rays do not penetrate.

    These are the best conditions for storing spices for 3 months.

    If the seeds are peeled, then they should not be stored: the

    • taste will deteriorate, and useful properties will soon disappear.

    To keep the taste of the purified sesame pleasant, keep the seeds in the freezer or refrigerator.

    There they lay, not losing their properties, at least a year or six months, respectively.

    But sesame oil has a longer shelf life.

    For many years the quality has not worsened, but the benefits remain unchanged.

    Strict requirements for the storage of oil are not:

    • it does not harm even a room with a high temperature.
    Sesame oil remains useful for ten years of storage.

    See a short video on the useful properties of seeds and sesame seed oil.