Shampoo for adults and children from lice and nits

Head pediculosis is the infection of the scalp with head lice. Pediculosis causes such an unpleasant symptom as severe itching on the scalp. It can appear in both adults and children. There are many ways to eliminate parasites on the hair. Consider one of them - shampoo from pediculosis. Pharmacies offer many varieties of this drug. We will review the safest and most effective shampoos.

  • Recommendations for use
  • Overview of shampoos
  • Children's products
  • Means for adults
  • Prevention of re-infection
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Recommendations for use

To any cosmetic means, including shampoos, an instruction manual is attached. Its strict implementation contributes to the achievement of the desired result. Get rid of lice and nits will also help general recommendations:

  1. Preparation for the procedure. Before using an anti-pediculosis drug, the head should be thoroughly rinsed with an ordinary shampoo. Then comb with a special comb. For maximum comfort, you can use the hair conditioner.
  2. Use anti-pediculosis shampoo strictly according to the instructions. Usually the product should be applied to the hair and left for a certain time. At the same time, it is impossible to touch the treated head. Shampoo should never get on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth.
  3. Washing and thorough combing. At this stage, you should also follow the instructions. Some shampoos require combing the nits after washing, while using other means provides only a thorough rinse with water or a weak solution of vinegar.
  4. Check the result. The next few days after using the shampoo, you need to periodically comb the hair with a comb, checking for the presence or absence of lice and nits. If parasites still remain, you need to repeat the procedure in a week. But this does not apply to all means. Certain brands of shampoos require only one application. If this remedy does not help, you should use another medicine against lice.

During the application of pediculicide shampoos, attention should be paid to precautions and other nuances. Their essence consists in observance of such rules:

  • anti-pediculosis drugs should be used only as directed;
  • if one shampoo does not give the desired result after several uses, it must be changed;
  • do not mix different means to increase efficiency;
  • after using the medicinal product, do not use a hairdryer;
  • if the patient uses contact lenses, they must be removed before the procedure;
  • Do not let the shampoo get on the mucous membranes, if this happens, flush them with plenty of running water;
  • So long as shampoo does not wash, eating or drinking is forbidden.

Also, one should not forget that antidepidemic drugs should be stored in a place inaccessible to children. They contain insecticides in their composition in different concentrations. Therefore, contact with drugs can cause poisoning.

Overview of shampoos

Not every shampoo from pediculosis is safe. Many drugs contain a high concentration of insecticides, and are contraindicated in children or pregnant women.

Children's products

Children's shampoo is the most suitable treatment for pediculosis at an early age. The most popular means in this case are:

  1. Nittifor. The active substance is permethrin, which has a paralytic effect on lice. This drug is long-lasting, so it only requires one use. Active components work for 2 more weeks. During this period, lice hatched from the nits gradually die.
  2. NOCs. The action of this tool is also based on permethrin. According to the instructions, it should be foamed on the hair and hold for about 40 minutes, then rinse with water. For maximum efficiency after the procedure, you need to comb the hair with a comb.
  3. MediFox. This shampoo also contains permethrin. Medifox should be applied to clean hair, treating and scalp. Then put on a plastic cap, hold for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse thoroughly. If a week later the lice did not disappear, the procedure must be repeated.
  4. Veda. This shampoo is used to treat pediculosis, both in adults and in children. If you follow the instructions, then this product should be applied to the hair and keep for 10 minutes. But, judging by the feedback, to achieve the desired result, it is better to leave it for at least 20 minutes. After rinsing, carefully comb the hair with a comb. If the lice continue to multiply, the procedure should be repeated after 2 weeks.

Pediculosis in children is a fairly common disease. But when it occurs, parents should not panic. Effective shampoos will help to remove parasites in a short time.

Means for adults

For adults, pharmacies also offer a lot of shampoo. Consider the list of the most common drugs:

  1. Nyx. This shampoo is applied to pre-washed hair. Despite the fact that the Nyx is a medicinal preparation, it has a pleasant aroma, in comparison with analogues. One package is enough for 4-5 uses. With a single use, you can treat the hair of each member of the family for preventive purposes.
  2. Hycia. This drug should be treated with a head, leave it for 20 minutes. But Chigiya has several drawbacks: the product causes tingling and itching, and it also has a very unpleasant odor. But, despite these shortcomings, Higia has high efficiency.
  3. Anti-bit. This tool can be used not only for adults, but also for children from 2 years. Apply it to damp, clean hair for 10 minutes. If necessary, repeat the procedure the next day. For prevention purposes, Anti-bit is used once a week.
  4. Paranita. This tool helps not only to cure, but also prevent pediculosis in the family members of the infected person. Handle Paranitis followed by hair and scalp, keep for 10 minutes, then rinse well with water.
  5. Nit Free. Under this trade name are also combs and sprays from pediculosis. Therefore, Neath Frey occupies one of the leading positions among anti-neoplastic drugs. Shampoo helps not only to rid the hair of the parasites, but also gives it shine, silky. This means should be washed with a head, as usual shampoo. You can use it every day for preventive purposes.
  6. Paranix. You should treat the head with this shampoo, leaving it for 10 minutes. After the time has passed, massage it into a foam. Wash off with copious amounts of water. After the procedure, you need to comb out the hair, which will help remove dead parasites.
  7. Nizoral. This drug is primarily aimed at preventing pediculosis. It improves the condition of the scalp, increasing its protective functions. The same properties have also a tar shampoo. It is an inexpensive drug that improves the condition of the scalp and head of hair after curing for pediculosis.

How much does an average pediculosis shampoo cost? The approximate price of such funds varies between 200-900 rubles. Everyone can choose a drug cheaper or more expensive. Everything depends on his financial capabilities and the degree of neglect of the disease.

Prevention of re-infection

Complete recovery after the primary lice does not give immunity to repeated infection. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out such preventive measures to prevent the secondary appearance of lice and nits:

  1. Immediately after treatment of an infected family member, you should do a wet cleaning in the entire living area, using a solution of vinegar. Wash all towels and bed linens at high temperatures.
  2. Carry out disinfection of all hair care products, such as hairbrushes, hair clips and so on. Another effective method of disinfecting such items is to hold them in the freezer for 2 days.
  3. Headgear and fur clothing should be washed.

If there is no possibility of washing things, you can pack them in vacuum bags for 2 weeks.
These recommendations will help to avoid repeated infection with pediculosis, both in children and adults.