We treat the purged ear in effective ways

Ear pain is almost the most intense after dental pain, just as it arises regardless of the season. Mostly this can happen in the summer, when people are forced to open all the windows in an apartment or car because of high temperatures, which is fraught with drafts and diseases like otitis. A swollen ear has a bad tendency to remind oneself of a deep night, so to know about the means of its relaxation will be useful to every person.

  • Symptoms of the disease
  • First Aid
  • In pregnancy
  • Children
  • Medication
  • Otypax
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Salt
  • Honey
  • Bay leaf
  • Chamomile
  • Bow
  • Butter
  • Propolis and honey
  • Mumiyo
  • Garlic
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Symptoms of the disease

The first symptoms are often not too painful and therefore very few people pay attention to them, whereas with more symptomatic symptoms, treatment will also not be so easy. The ear can sometimes be pawned for a while, at times the hearing gets worse. With the inflammation present, the pain gradually increases, until the onset of the first sleepless nights.

The variety differs depending on the type of inflammation - from oppressive, pulsating and aching sensations, to sudden and rather violent lumbago in the ear. In advanced cases, pus may be secreted, which will entail the necessary surgical intervention, if you ignore the call to the doctor. The swollen ear often affects the general well-being of the patient - weakness, lethargy, body temperature rises.

The primary signs that the ear has blown out are sensations of pain in the head area, ear pain. Their duration can be of a periodic nature, they can be permanent or appear as floods. At the time of chewing, the ear can lay. Such sensations indicate that in the middle ear there was a fluid, possibly, this purulent formation. Otitis, a disease that contributes to poor health, weakens, and can provoke fever.

First Aid

After the first sensations of pain in the ear, it is necessary, immediate assistance. The first help is to warm the catarrhal place, specifically the ear:

  1. For the beginning, it is necessary to take the drug to exclude pain (Paracetamol), or other substance containing it.
  2. In the gauze make a round hole, moisten it in solution, camphor alcohol with water, in equal parts, then put gauze on the ear, and roll over.
  3. It is also possible to heat a special, blue lamp, a heating pad, or salt. Exclusion of heating in case of temperature increase.
  4. Twist the cotton swab and soak with boric alcohol, then insert into the ear aperture. Because of possible damage to the eardrum, it is not recommended to drip your ear with boric alcohol.
  5. And the last thing is an immediate visit for help to a narrow specialist.

It happens that the ear blows under the air conditioning. In this case, it is necessary to apply the treatment. These can be compresses for warming the patient's ear or heating with a special lamp. Then you need to visit a specialist for a more detailed examination of the affected area, which will assign the course of treatment required.

In pregnancy

If a woman is pregnant, especially on a long term of the 3rd trimester, the amount in the choice of medications is significantly reduced. In this case, resort to the treatment of preparations on the basis of oils and plant substances, if necessary, together with vasoconstrictive drops. To prevent acute pain, otipax is prescribed.

It is also possible to treat folk remedies:

  1. Rinse the patient's ear, a syringe (without a needle), or microclyster, using a warm tincture of chamomile or calendula.
  2. Apply compresses, composed of camphor alcohol and boiled water, in proportion (1: 1), they have a warming effect.


Before visiting a specialist, you can make compresses based on boric alcohol with water in a ratio of (1: 1). Such compresses are possible if the ear pain is not accompanied by fever or secretions from the ear.

Important!It is contraindicated to drip boric alcohol for children in sick ears, because of the uncertain degree of the disease, the tympanic membrane can be broken, after which, complication is possible.


A chilled ear can turn into an unbearable pain that can be avoided after using an anesthetic (Paracetamol). Then make a gauze compress, fold the gauze into several layers, cut the circumference, in order to put on the ear.

Next, it is necessary to prepare camphor alcohol, previously diluted with water, in a ratio of 50/50. Wet gauze in this solution, squeeze and put on a sick ear, then fix it with a bandage, wrapping it around the head. It is necessary to keep the heat, for this purpose, keep the compress for about an hour.


Otypaks, this is a medicinal product, the main task of which is to have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Often, with otitis, all its forms and just a puncture of the ear, doctors prescribe a course of treatment with this drug. Otypax, removes all inflammatory processes, relieves pain, and provides recovery. To drip in a sick ear on 2 drops three times a day for 5 days.

Hydrogen peroxide

For treatment of an ear cold, it is necessary to clean a sick ear from earwax. Hydrogen peroxide softens sulfur and promotes easy removal from the ear canal. Also, the use of hydrogen peroxide is necessary, especially with purulent discharge, then it is necessary to remove them, then proceed to treatment. Treatment consists of warming up the affected area, with the exception of fever and purulent discharge, then dripping the diseased ear with droplets.

Treatment with folk remedies

Our ears are too closely related to the vital functions of the brain, so you should not take risks. If you underwent a medical examination and the doctor did not reveal any complications that need to be treated directly with medications and under the strict supervision of a doctor, you can start using traditional medicine.


Warm your ear with the most common salt. Often, such a compress after a few applications gives an excellent result, with the exception of neglected cases of otitis media:

  • a handful of ordinary kitchen salt warm in a clean frying pan;
  • wrap in any fabric or folded in several layers of gauze and apply to the sick ear several times a day;
  • keep the compress until the salt cools completely.

Instead of salt, you can use a blue lamp, if you have one.

IMPORTANT!The procedure for warming up is strictly forbidden, if there are any purulent discharge in the ear, since the heat further stimulates the inflammatory process.

After warming it is desirable to drip drops, it does not have to be pharmaceuticals, boric alcohol, previously slightly warmed up, is quite appropriate. If you want to use a more gentle means, but with no less efficiency, read a number of folk recipes.


Honey has almost the widest range of medicinal properties that are used both internally and externally:

  • a tablespoon of honey mix with half a tablespoon of flour until a homogeneous mass is formed;
  • Put the mixture in a folded in several layers of gauze and attach to the sick ear, fixing a woolen shawl;
  • keep the compress all night long.

For the next way to get rid of the ear pain, you will need to buy paraffin turundochki. You can buy them in the pharmacy, or you can cook them yourself from melted wax, after finding an instruction on the Internet:

  • heat the turuncs for a while with a sore ear to remove earwax and prevent the growth of inflammation.

Bay leaf

This tool includes the use of only kitchen laurel leaves and propolis:

  • dry the leaves, chop, pour a small amount of vodka;
  • insist for several hours, wipe the ear area with a cotton wool several times a day, periodically leave the wadding moistened in tincture in the ear for a while.

IMPORTANT!Carefully watch that inside did not get an abundant amount of fluid, treat only with couples.

In addition to the tincture, from the laurel leaf are produced effective for their therapeutic properties of ear drops:

  • a few dry sheets of grind, boil for several minutes;
  • Insist two to three hours, bury a couple drops in the sore ear several times a day;
  • it is recommended to cover your ear with a fleece or a turunda after instillation.


The most ordinary chemist's chamomile is also quite capable of substituting expensive medicines in the treatment of otitis:

  • a teaspoon of dried camomile brew in a glass of boiling water;
  • let it brew for several hours, rinse with a decoction of the ear area several times a day, before it is filtered.

From compresses, the most effective and inexpensive is a compress prepared on the basis of boric alcohol or vodka:

  • soak in a large enough piece of cotton wool and fix it for the night at the patient's ear with a kerchief or bandage.

IMPORTANT!This method will only have a positive effect on the stage of the disease that has not been started.


Means with the use of onions help to reduce pain and remove the already formed inflammation:

  • the middle bulb is cut not too small cubes;
  • wrap in gauze, the size should be such that it is free to fit inside the diseased ear;
  • keep half an hour, with severe pain, repeat the procedure in an hour.

IMPORTANT!Do not put the gauze too deep into the ear aperture, do not let onion juice get inside.

The following recipe for ear drops also implies the use of a bulb, but already in a baked form:

  • Cut off the top of one middle bulb, while not removing the rest of the peel;
  • with a knife, cut a small hole from above and pour in the seeds of cumin;
  • cut off the top again, close the hole, wrap the bulb in foil and bake in the oven until soft;
  • unfold, squeeze all the juice from the bulb, drain if necessary, and bury five drops before going to bed.


As a drop, you can also use any vegetable oil, be it olive, linseed or ordinary sunflower:

  • a little warm up the oil in a water bath, then use a pipette to drip three to four drops in the morning and evening.

IMPORTANT!Make sure that the oil is warm, since the cold will only aggravate the inflammatory process, and hot will leave burns inside the ear, which can lead to the most unexpected consequences, up to the loss of hearing.

Propolis and honey

At that stage of the purged ear, when pus already formed inside, the following remedy with propolis and honey is recommended:

  • a small amount of propolis fill in half a glass of alcohol and insist for several hours;
  • to the obtained tincture, add honey in a ratio of one to two, stir well;
  • drip into the sore ear three drops each evening until the pus disappears completely.


When sharp, shooting pains, prepare drops on the basis of mummies:

  • about three grams of mummy dissolved in a tablespoon of boiling water, pour into any container and stir, periodically pouring water;
  • bring the volume to 100 ml;
  • in a separate container pour a teaspoon of boric alcohol, albucid and the resulting solution mummy;
  • mix thoroughly until a uniform consistency is obtained;
  • Bury 10 drops in your ear at least four times a day.

IMPORTANT!Before instillation, always preheat the mixture, but do not bring it to a hot state.


Garlic no less effectively removes inflammation and pain, besides it has a bactericidal effect that prevents the further development of the disease:

  • one middle denticle grate on a fine grater until the state of gruel;
  • add four drops of camphor oil carefully mix;
  • Put the mixture on gauze, build a swab and keep it in your ear until you feel a slight burning sensation;
  • pull out and drip a couple drops of any vegetable oil, just warmed in a water bath.

Treatment of otitis in young children, especially up to five years, is highly not recommended for folk remedies, so as not to provoke the development of negative processes that may further affect hearing.

For adults, folk remedies are permissible until the first opportunity to visit a competent physician appears, and the continuation can only be carried out with his consent. Improper self-diagnosis can lead to incorrect treatment, which will have to be corrected much longer than the primary problem.

The catarrhal process can result in anything, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem that has arisen in a timely manner. If the ear blew, and the cone came out, it is the consequence of an inflammatory process that takes place inside the body, during which the lymph node has increased. An immediate visit to a specialist for an examination of the problem will help avoid complications. The doctor will prescribe a course of treatment, heating, drops, possibly antibiotics, depending on the condition. Treatment is necessary in mandatory form, otherwise, everything can end with surgery.