Pain in the lower abdomen after conception

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Quite often after conception, the abdomen hurts and although the soreness is insignificant, it can frighten the expectant mother. After all, all women want their baby to be born completely healthy.

Pain in the lower abdomen after conception is an acceptable physiological norm, as the development of gestation is a complex process for the female body. It can be called the first sign of pregnancy.

Causes of pain after conception

Causes of pain spreading down the abdomen after conception may be due to both hormonal changes occurring in the body and the presence of pathology. To understand why there are pains, it is necessary to understand how the process of fertilization passes.

After the maturation and rupture of the follicle, the egg begins its movement through the fallopian tubes. It is during this period - sometimes later, when she is almost reaching the uterus - that she meets the fertilizing sperm. A week after fertilization, the formed zygote is fixed in the uterine cavity and begins its development.

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Some women note that they felt obvious pain when a fertilized egg was attached to the wall of the uterus. This is a short but quite palpable pain. Sometimes the moment of implantation is accompanied by a slight bleeding: several drops of blood appear on the underwear.

Can stomach ache after conception? As the gynecological practice shows, yes. Many women note slight soreness and tingling in the uterus. But the main sign of the development of pregnancy is the absence of a monthly bleeding.

The cause of why the stomach hurts after conception is the uterine contractions. The woman's organism perceives the attached fetal egg as a foreign element and tries to get rid of the "settler".The woman has pains.

To save pregnancy helps to weaken immune defenses under the influence of hormones responsible for the development of gestation. Thanks to this, the fetal egg becomes stronger and starts to develop actively.

Symptoms of

Symptoms that occur with the fertilization and attachment of an egg can not occur in all women. The pain can be felt differently: sometimes the lower abdomen pulls, the colitis, the woman can feel a small discomfort, etc.

Many women feel pain in the stomach after conception
Does the stomach after conception have a healthy woman? In some cases, yes. And this soreness is evidence of the successful attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus.

How soon after the conception can there be pain, indicating the onset of gestation? Sometimes it can happen on the second day, and sometimes a week later from the occurred conception. During this time, the fertilized egg actively moves through the fallopian tubes to find itself in the uterine cavity and gain a foothold in its mucosa.

The hormonal changes that occur in the female body for the next few days lead to some change in the size of the uterus. It is this transformation - an increase in the volume of muscle fibers and middle layers of the endometrium - and can "make" the uterus sick.

Why does the abdomen hurt during pregnancy?

These are non-dangerous pains, caused only by the physiological changes taking place in the body. They can be felt as pulling.

It is worth noting that the miscarriage can not go: the fetus is still unrelated to the mother's body, so there is no risk of abortion.

Pain in the lower abdomen after the occurred fertilization - one of the signs of pregnancy. They arise during the embryo attachment to the wall of the uterus. And the emerging small bleeding indicates the successful introduction of the egg into the mucous membrane of the organ.

In addition to pain, another sign of successful conception is chest pain. The mammary glands are poured and become more sensitive. Breasts increase in size in a short time.

Pathological pain

Sometimes attempts of the embryo to gain a good foothold in the surface of the mucous are unsuccessful. And then the pregnancy is interrupted. The onset of bleeding that opens up almost coincides with the first days of regular menstruation, slightly delayed. A woman does not even know that she was pregnant.

But if pregnancy is already known, and on the underwear there were spotting, accompanied by painful sensations, it is necessary to lie down and call an ambulance brigade.

The stomach after conception may be sore due to abnormalities of the hormonal background. Problems arise when the body lacks the hormones responsible for the development of gestation. At the very beginning, their proper level is provided by the yellow body, temporarily fulfilling the duties of the placenta.

Yellow body cyst is one of the most common pathologies of

It forms on the site of a bursted follicle and ensures the production of necessary volume of progesterone. Later - about 4 months - these responsibilities will assume the newly formed placenta. Lack of progesterone can lead to spontaneous abortion or pregnancy fading: in both cases, the embryo dies.

When a woman is threatened with a miscarriage, the pain in the lower abdomen of the cramping character is disturbed, giving to the lumbar region. When developing such a symptomatology of a pregnant woman, it is recommended to get an urgent consultation with a gynecologist.

To identify the cause, she will receive a referral to a biochemical blood test for the content of pregnancy hormones. After receiving the results, the woman will begin to receive treatment, which will allow to save the started gestation.

Another cause of pathological pain after conception is the yellow body cyst. It begins to increase actively in size, which is provoked by the accumulation of fluid in its cavity. This pathology can be accompanied by drawing pains, felt in the lower abdomen.

Treatment of this pathology is not provided, but a woman should abandon any physical activity and sports activities. Otherwise, there may be a ruptured cyst that threatens with severe internal bleeding.

To independently control the level of progesterone, gynecologists recommend a baseline temperature chart. Measurement should be done at the same time, without getting out of bed. The thermometer should be injected into the rectum and kept for about 5 minutes. During the first trimester, the temperature should be higher than 37 degrees.

If its indicators are lower, the doctor may suspect a lack of pregnancy hormones. As a rule, such drugs as Dufaston or Utrozhestan, folic acid, and also vitamin E are prescribed for admission. The decision about the duration of taking the drug is taken by the leading pregnancy gynecologist.

A strong painful syndrome at the early stages can be a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy. This occurs if the fertilized egg is fixed not in the uterine cavity, in the tubes. As it develops, it causes a pathological expansion of its lumen and, eventually, a rupture. Pathology is accompanied by the discovery of severe bleeding and requires immediate hospitalization.

Ectopic pregnancy - life-threatening woman's condition
An increased uterus tone may be a problem. The reception of No-Shpa helps to remove the condition.

Pain of a non-dangerous nature

When sensation of aching pains, not accompanied by fights, there is no reason for excitement. The reason for this is the growth of the uterus and an increase in its tissues. At the same time, the ligamentous apparatus supporting the organ is stretched. With the development of pain about her need to tell the gynecologist. The doctor will decide and, if necessary, send the woman to an ultrasound examination.

Pain syndrome not caused by pregnancy

After conception, a woman may experience pain that is not associated with pregnancy:

  • If soreness is felt in the right lower square of the abdomen, then the cause may be an attack of acute appendicitis. Pathology requires urgent hospitalization and surgical treatment.
  • The pain can be caused by disorders and infectious diseases of the intestine. In this case, they are joined by secondary symptoms - diarrhea, nausea / vomiting, increased gas formation.
  • Acute form of cholecystitis, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction accompanied by severe pain syndrome. Conditions require urgent medical advice and hospitalization.

Abdominal pain after conception can be triggered by both pathological and physiological conditions. But if the sensations cause considerable discomfort and anxiety, then they must be reported to the gynecologist.