Can a nursing mother get a flu shot

Today, dear reader, we learn about whether it is possible to get a flu shot from a nursing mother, suddenly this is a contraindication and can cause harm to a small child.


Vaccination against influenza of a nursing mother: features of vaccination during this period

New strains of the influenza virus appear each year. They alarm many people, including breastfeeding women with their baby's breast milk. Especially in this period of life you need to think about the prevention of influenza and safe methods of antiviral treatment.

According to doctors, vaccination is the best method and method for fighting the influenza virus. But is it possible to put an inoculation during lactation, and are there any indications and contraindications to this?

Features of the course of influenza

During breastfeeding, women are most vulnerable to various colds, viral infections. After the production of breast milk requires a lot of oxygen, which puts the respiratory system.

Keep in mind that an epidemic of influenza in the lactation period is not an indication for the interruption of breastfeeding.

Female milk develops immunity in the child, it contains many immunological protection factors. Active substances - immunoglobulins of the mother - are transmitted to the baby, thereby strengthening his immunity to various infections.

The incubation period of influenza ranges from a few hours to three days.

From the moment of infection until the onset of the first symptoms, the mother continues to feed the baby, although she is already the source of the infection. The kid gets the virus through her milk while simultaneously receiving anti-influenza antibodies that help fight the influenza virus.

Isolation of the child at the time of the disease is not needed, it is not required and boiling milk, because under the influence of high temperature milk loses its useful and nutritional properties. As a result, the child will not get any vitamins, micronutrients, or immunoglobulins.

Doctors have proved that weaning the baby from breast during the period of the mother's disease with the flu, he has reduced immunity, he is sick and his body can not fight against infections in the future.

What is the flu: signs and symptoms

Influenza is an acute infectious respiratory viral disease. Its characteristic features are:

  1. Raise body temperature to thirty-nine degrees or more.
  2. Sore and aching muscles and joints.
  3. Headache.
  4. Cutting in the eyes.
  5. Sore throat.
  6. Dry cough.
  7. Coryza.

Sometimes the disease accompanies abdominal pain, stool disorders. The temperature can last for several days, it is difficult to bring down antipyretic drugs.

Flu during lactation requires special treatment. After all, many drugs are incompatible with breastfeeding. Therefore, drugs should appoint a doctor.

  1. For the removal of heat, Paracetamol is usually prescribed in strictly defined doses.
  2. To remove the pain in the throat will help decoctions of medicinal herbs, tea, rinses.
  3. To eliminate cough, it is best to use inhalations on herbal decoctions.
  4. You can wash your nose with a solution of salt.

When breastfeeding, do not take medicine in large doses. This is not conducive to rapid treatment, and large doses of drugs in milk are dangerous for the baby.

Features of vaccination of pregnant

Vaccination in most cases is performed in a polyclinic. But if desired, the vaccine can be delivered in other institutions, where there is a special room and permission for vaccination.

The composition of the vaccine against influenza includes proteins to which immunity produces antibodies. This takes two to three weeks, after which it can be said with certainty that a person is protected from the disease for six to eight months.

Pregnant women are a special group that prohibits almost all drugs used to treat influenza, and vaccinations, because their health effects on the future baby are not known.

Many instructions to vaccines say that during pregnancy you can put a flu shot, but only if the benefit exceeds the possible harm. The difficulty is that the drugs are not tested on women in the position.

A flu vaccine can be given during pregnancy, but only a quality inactivated vaccine should be selected.

Vaccination is performed in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Usually, vaccinations are given in October and November, but if the first trimester falls during this period, then it is necessary to assess the possible risks for the mother and the unborn child.

Indications for vaccination

The World Health Organization states that influenza vaccination is necessary when planning a pregnancy. At this time, the body should be as much protected from various viruses and infections.

Influenza during pregnancy affects the formation of the fetus and can provoke a miscarriage.

Breastfeeding women can be vaccinated against flu. After the birth of the child, the body weakens and becomes susceptible to infectious diseases. In addition, the flu is very dangerous for its complications.


Influenza vaccine is contraindicated if there are some health problems.

Contraindications may be temporary and permanent:

  1. Temporary contraindications are acute and acute forms of diseases. When the condition improves, vaccination is permissible.
  2. Constant contraindications - anaphylactic shock, urticaria, allergy to chicken protein, angioedema.

It should be remembered that flu vaccination is reliable and safe if the following conditions are met:

  1. All details about the composition of the vaccine are known.
  2. Isolation of patients.
  3. Maximum coverage with vaccinations of the population.
  4. Avoid contact with sick people.

Response to the influenza vaccine

The most common reaction is an allergy to chicken protein or another component that is part of the vaccine.

Inactivated( killed) vaccines can cause a local reaction( pain and redness appear at the site of injection).

Sometimes the temperature may rise( but not more than half a degree), blush your throat. It looks like an acute viral infection, but after a couple of days everything is normal.

After vaccination, there may be some problems if the doctor did not perform the vaccination properly. If the injection was non-sterile, inflammation at the site of injection, sepsis, toxic shock and even death may occur. If the vaccine is diluted incorrectly, inflammation may develop, or the vaccine will not produce the desired effect. If the vaccine is not properly stored, then it will not have the desired result, or a local reaction will occur.

How to be?

Influenza is easier to prevent than treat its consequences. Treatment of a cold during breast-feeding is best prevented by preventive measures. Therefore, a woman should limit contact with sick people and time spent in crowded places. She needs to strengthen her immunity with vitamins and healthy foods, observe personal hygiene. In an apartment it is recommended to spend as much as possible wet cleaning and to air all rooms.

Do not forget that you should always lead a healthy lifestyle. Full sleep, stress reduction, active pastime, walking outdoors, lack of bad habits contribute to maintaining health and strengthening immunity.

It should be remembered that even if a woman is ill with the flu during breastfeeding, she should not wean the baby. Eating at this time milk of the mother, the baby develops its own immunity.

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