Spinach: The Benefits and Harms of a Herbaceous Plant

Spinach is an amazing herbaceous plant that belongs to vegetable crops.

Thus, spinach has remarkable healing properties, and lovers of dishes from green leaves always feel great.

Back in ancient Persia, they knew about a wide range of useful properties of spinach for the body. Medieval Europe also appreciated spinach for its worth, and in France it grows wherever possible.

Vegetable grows rapidly under the sun in loose earth, and even at home on a window sill in a flower pot you can sow its seeds and after three weeks eat young green leaves. Contents of the article:

  • Why is it useful?
  • Nutritional value and calorie content
  • Is there any harm and contraindications?
  • Methods of application in folk medicine and for weight loss

Than useful for men and women?

It is difficult to name vegetables that are comparable to a huge amount of useful substances contained in spinach. Its tender leaves are rich:

  • protein;
  • carbohydrates;
  • beta-carotene;
  • with saturated and unsaturated fatty and organic acids;
  • with vitamins A, B, C, K, E, PP, H;
  • by cellulose;
  • with starch;
  • with sugars;
  • choline;
  • is a large set of microelements necessary for humans.
A surprising fact: during vitamins, vitamins in leaves practically do not collapse. This is a very rare property among vegetables. Of course, a leaf of raw spinach is much more useful, but fans of the green spring borsch with spinach will enjoy this pleasant news.

Spinach promotes recovery in diseases caused by eating animal food and intoxication of the body. By removing slags and harmful substances, spinach simultaneously saturates the tissues with the necessary substances contained in it.

Fiber regulates the digestive system, which increases immunity and natural weight loss. Iron deficiency anemia also does not threaten the fans of green leaves, which deliver oxygen to the cells, improving the metabolism in the body.

Spinach has a very valuable quality - it is able to block the growth of tumors, suppressing their circulatory system. But the cardiovascular system of the body is strengthened when it is used in food.

Often, doctors prescribe meals from spinach to cancer patients during recovery from radiation therapy. A powerful complex of antioxidants contained in spinach, contributes to a quick recovery and a return to normal life.

Spinach inhibits the development of periodontal disease and stops bleeding gums. He is an excellent assistant in the activity of the heart muscle, normalizes blood pressure, restores the body when exhausted and irreplaceable with enterocolitis.

Spinach leaves in the diet of men will benefit greatly: they contribute to potentiation due to the content of proteins and tocopherol. Women will appreciate the healing properties of green leaves with a disrupted cycle, infertility and frequent miscarriages.

Frequent consumption of easily available spinach dishes will stop the detachment of the retina, fully replacing expensive artificial vitamins with lutein. Green leaves contain more beta-carotene and beneficial substances for vision than in an indispensable carrot.

Substances contained in the leaves of a green vegetable, restore the carbohydrate metabolism. Spinach supports the normal operation of the pancreas, so it is indispensable in the diabetics menu.

People who are in constant stress and suffering from insomnia, spinach is also necessary in the diet, as it takes part in the production of hormones. Iodine contained in the leaves is necessary to strengthen the nervous system and the full functioning of the pancreas.

All the medicinal properties of spinach, which are used by folk medicine, it is difficult to list. He brings considerable relief to people suffering from epilepsy, and reduces the manifestations of the disease.

With dry cough( in this article you will find recipes for folk expectorants) and during asthma attacks, spinach fresh leaf juice will greatly facilitate the condition. During the winter epidemics, the fans of spinach are not afraid of the flu. The juice of spinach successfully treats inflamed tonsils.

Due to the large amount of vitamin K, the manifestations of osteoporosis decrease and the calcium content in bone tissues increases. For children, a mixture of almond oil and spinach leaf juice is very useful for preventing the development of rickets and accelerating the growth of bones.

Compress of crushed leaves relieve abscesses, eczema and tumors from insect bites due to the content of zinc and iodine. For those who live and work in the nuclear industry and in regions contaminated by radiation, spinach is vital. It softens the effect of radiation radiation and saves life affected by radiation sickness.

Any Frenchwoman knows that wiping her face with a fresh spinach sheet is necessary for smoothing wrinkles and for a healthy complexion, without traces of inflammation and pimples.

This is promoted by a high content of vitamins A and E in the leaves. Spinach masks renew the skin and make it velvety .The high content of beta-carotene in spinach helps the body cells stay young for longer.

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Nutritional value and calorie content

For many centuries of eating spinach, people came up with a lot of culinary recipes with it. It is added to ordinary salads, omelettes, stuffing for pies and dishes from fish and meat, into curd and soups, make spices and canned.

The gastronomic use of green plant leaves is very high. Due to its high protein content, spinach is very nutritious, while 100 grams of leaves contain only 23 kilocalories. Do not have to starve during a diet and fasting, if you add to the diet dishes from green leaves.

A hundred grams of spinach contains:

  • 92% water;
  • 2.8% of proteins - almost like in legumes;
  • 1.9% carbohydrates;
  • 0.1% starch;
  • 1.4% dietary fiber;
  • 0.3% fat;
  • 0.1% organic acids;
  • 0.1% unsaturated acids;
  • 1.8% disaccharides and monosaccharides;
  • 1.7% ash;
  • 0.1% saturated fatty acids.

Thanks to this rich composition, spinach helps to accelerate metabolism and gives extra energy to the body.

Are there any harm and contraindications?

Fans of greenery should know everything about the possible harm of spinach, in order to fully use its useful qualities.

If a person already has some kind of disease, spinach can do harm.

Overgrown leaves contain an excess of oxalic acid, which, in diseases of the kidneys, will create an additional acidic environment in the body. With diseases of the bladder, stomach ulcer, rheumatism, gout and arthritis, it is also undesirable to consume a green vegetable.

But the young leaves of the plant almost do not contain oxalic acid in the composition and will not do harm when using a small amount.

Methods of application in folk medicine and for weight loss

In Russia spinach has always been used as an effective remedy.

Water infusion of leaves is taken with flatulence, constipation, throat and lung diseases, atherosclerosis, with neurotic disorders and to relieve epileptic seizures.

Due to the content of folic acid, spinach facilitates the state of depression and neurosis, especially in combination with beef liver, rich in B vitamins.

Spinach reduces the risk of developing cancer and replaces the use of folic acid tablets.

Recipes for treatment:

  • For spasms of the stomach and large intestine, painful colic and blisters 4 times a day, you need to drink an infusion of spinach. One tablespoon of chopped stems and leaves boil 10 minutes in 100 ml of water and insist 40 minutes.
  • From atherosclerosis , the infusion of leaves is drunk for up to 4 months, combined with taking hawthorn tincture and making a 10-day break infusion of spinach leaves.
  • When biting insects a gruel from the leaves is applied to the inflamed place for an hour or two.
  • When eczema , boil the leaves in olive oil and apply to affected areas for several hours.
  • For depressed for 4 days, take crushed spinach with a small amount of cinnamon.
  • With nervous overloads of , take 50-60 ml of a mixture of spinach juice and carrot juice twice a week.
  • For diseases of the stomach and intestines, to cleanse the body of toxins take half a glass of juice of young leaves three times a day.
  • For anemia, thyroid diseases and headaches before breakfast and dinner, drink half a cup of beet juice, carrot and spinach juice.
  • With cramps cook and finely cut the leaves, add a little vegetable oil and take twice a day on a tablespoon.
  • In the dietary food leaves are boiled, cooled and filtered decoction and take it before eating 50 ml each.

Diet on spinach helps to reduce weight and helps to cleanse the body. This diet improves the condition of blood vessels and heart, preventing diseases of the digestive system.

Neutral flavor of spinach allows it to be used in many dishes. Dough, omelet, mashed potatoes and desserts acquire an emerald shade when adding crushed leaves. Cottage cheese with spinach for breakfast will saturate and charge with energy for the whole day.

Spinach - one of the richest in composition of green vegetables. His useful properties have long been highly appreciated in the West, but for some reason they are not treated with due attention in our country. Even a small amount of this product in the daily diet will greatly improve the quality of life.

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