Royal royal jelly is dry in granules: how to take in the home

Royal jelly is the most valuable and useful product of beekeeping.

In nature it serves as the main source of nutrition for the larva of the uterus of bees, which is increased by 2.5 thousand times. It consists of proteins, as well as fats with carbohydrates.

For the convenience of the product, it is produced in granules with a certain dosage. It has the appearance of granules, within which this natural substance is located.

What is included in dry granules

This is a natural biological stimulant, the composition of which is very diverse: more than 400 LHC with different ratios.

Milk contains also essential amino acids:

  • proline,
  • glutamine,
  • lysine,
  • asparagine.

Their human body absorbs very well, and the benefits of these substances are invaluable. The composition of royal jelly contains:

1. Up to 70% water .

2. More than 30% of dry substance .
The largest part of it is occupied by proteins, then - carbohydrates and fats. Additional components are vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

The percentage of components will depend on geography, climate and other natural factors.

Milk contains natural antibiotics - phytoncides, as well as immunoglobins. They have a positive effect on the body, participate in the recovery processes, protective reactions to pathogens, etc.

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Benefits and application features of

To obtain a beneficial royal jelly in granules, it is adsorbed. This is the process in which all moisture from the product is drawn, only dry matter remains.

Royal jelly in granules is a kind of concentrate of all useful substances, which has the highest efficiency. Shelf life - 2 years, and you can take them in three ways:

  1. Add to water, drinks.
  2. Drink like a pill.
  3. Place under the tongue and dissolve.

About the dosage and the number of granules to be taken, it is necessary to learn more about the doctor - apitherapist. The most common recipe:

  • 5 or more capsules 1-3 times per 24 hours.

The course of treatment is two to four weeks.

Royal jelly in granules has a number of properties that have a beneficial effect on all body systems:

1. The memory of improves, stress resistance, the nervous system, including the optic nerves, is strengthened.

If there is susceptibility to persistent stress, then start taking this medication.

In general, granules are often prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system and autoimmune disorders.

2. Copes well with the problems of associated with arterial pressure, atherosclerosis.
The cardiovascular system is restored, the number of blood clots and plaques is reduced.

3. The metabolism of is accelerated, digestion and secretion is improved.
There is a more correct and complete assimilation of nutrients from food. If there are disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, then they are also eliminated.

4. The hormonal background comes back to normal .
The adrenal glands produce the optimal amount of hormones.
Therefore, those diseases that are associated with a violation of secretion and the production of hormones can be cured.

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5. Improves the reproductive processes of .
Combats diseases of the genitourinary system at different stages and forms, increases the potency in men.
Many experts claim that the drug can help in the fight against infertility, both in men and in women.

6. Helps in the treatment of joint diseases , fractures, as well as in the recovery of the musculoskeletal system.
Relieves inflammation and pain associated with diseases of bones, joints.

7. Has the antioxidant effect of , removes toxins from the body. Assign to remove radionuclides from the body.

8. It is used to improve the skin condition of , hair and nails. Therefore, it is actively used in the beauty industry.

9. Has the antibacterial action of , cures colds and respiratory system diseases: asthma, bronchitis and even tuberculosis.

10. Improves the body's resistance to the pathogens , strengthens the immune system, gives strength and energy.

Royal jelly can be prescribed even to infants, as it can not cause harm, but, on the contrary, it helps to treat and restore, strengthen the immune system.

Royal jelly is used to improve the appearance: the condition of the skin, hair, nails. Therefore, all sorts of masks, scrubs, etc. are made from it. But granules are already a ready concentrate of useful substances, which are enough to take internally every day.

After 2-4 weeks the result will be obvious: skin color will improve, blue circles and puffiness under the eyes will go away, hair loss will decrease, and nails will also strengthen. Increase the body's resistance to the causative agents of

In general, to strengthen the immune system, restore strength and fight a number of diseases - royal jelly in granules is, practically, an indispensable natural remedy.

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