Regulations on the organization of work on labor protection in the organization, institution, enterprise: sample 2017-2018

All the kind time of the day! Today we will consider the Regulations on the organization of work on labor protection in an organization, institution or enterprise. You will be provided with 3 versions of the Regulations, each sample is available for free download.

It should be noted that this Regulation is a mandatory document, which establishes the general requirements, the responsibility of the officials of units and services in the field of OT provision.


What is it?

Regulations on the organization of work on labor protection at the enterprise are developed in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and other industry regulations.

When compiling a local document, the experience of labor protection in various institutions is taken into account.

The document includes duties and functions of structural units, employees and other persons aimed at creating conditions that meet the requirements for preserving the health and life of employees in the process of their professional activities.

This normative act takes into account the industry in which the organization operates. The requirements of the document apply to all institutions involved in this field, regardless of their legal type and form of ownership.

Responsible persons

For example, the Regulation on the organization of work on labor protection and safety in the DOS establishes that general supervision of compliance with the norms of the current legislation, implementation of decisions of higher management structures, rules, instructions on labor protection is assigned to the head of the institution.

The development of an action plan, supervision of their conduct, refers to the functions of an official authorized by an order of the director.

The Regulation on the organization of work on labor safety in the school or kindergarten determines that the activities in the field of HSE should include:

  1. Clear allocation of tasks and responsibilities assigned to administrative and technical services.
  2. Ensure the implementation of the plans for HSE, all requirements set by standards and other regulatory documents.
  3. Monitoring compliance with the RF TC.

Responsibilities of the head of the organization

The section in which they are defined acts as one of the main. In the first place, the duties for the manager are set:

  1. To take measures to create favorable and safe working conditions in accordance with the existing requirements for HSE.
  2. Control compliance of duties by all employees, requirements of standards, instructions, orders, orders.
  3. Ensure the development, signing of a collective agreement, as well as the fulfillment of its terms.
  4. To submit to higher authorities reports on employees affected by accidents in the course of their professional activities, as well as the development of funds allocated for HA activities by forms and in terms established by Goskomstat.

Although this is not all the duties that are included in the Regulation on the organization of work on labor protection in the enterprise. The sample document also contains the following prescriptions for the supervisor:

  1. Do not allow the commissioning of new equipment, premises without acceptance by a specially created commission. At the same time, an employee of the OT service, a representative of the trade union, and, if necessary, a body of state supervision, should be present in it.
  2. Suppress any actions that violate the current rules, regulations and standards for labor protection.
  3. Ensure implementation of comprehensive plans to improve working conditions and sanitation, timely submit a report on them to higher authorities.
  4. Be responsible for the correct calculation and compensation of damage to the health of employees.
  5. Ensure the implementation of an OT management system. In the process of distribution of the reward fund, the manager should provide for the allocation of funds to reward employees who have achieved high professional performance in working with OSH.

Assignment of

The sections that are included in the standard Regulation on organization of work on OSH in the organization( the sample is presented in the article) are aimed at recognizing and ensuring the priority position of employees' health and life regarding the results of production activities.

The document obliges to formulate special services for OT or to attract competent specialists of this field. The number of employees and the structure of these departments are determined by the manager. At the same time, he must take into account the indicators of ensuring effective and normal work, the recommendations of state bodies.

Regulations on the organization of work on labor protection in the DOW requires the formation of safe and healthy conditions for employees and pupils. Statutory acts provide for the responsibility of officials, the head for violation of regulations in the manner prescribed by law.

Regulations on the organization of work on labor protection in the DOS for GEF requires regular instruction, training, checking knowledge of instructions and rules within the timeframes determined for a particular type of professional activity.

Implementation of the norms of the Labor Code

The Regulation on the organization of work on labor protection prescribes the introduction of modern means, preventing injuries, providing sanitary and hygienic conditions in order to prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases of employees.

Developments by management to improve the situation on the ground should be discussed and approved by the team. Personnel are entitled to exercise control over their execution.

The Regulation on the organization of work on labor protection includes criteria that must be met by structures, buildings, equipment, processes. In accordance with the document, operation of facilities and devices, use of the territory, protection of employees from negative factors of the production environment, installation of sanitary and hygienic and household premises are carried out.

The Regulation on the organization of work on labor protection prohibits the putting into operation of shops, plots if they are not provided with adequate conditions for the health and safety of personnel.

The commissioning of newly constructed and reconstructed facilities is carried out only with the permission of the sanitary and epidemiological supervision bodies, the technical inspection and the corresponding trade union company that will use it. It is not allowed to transfer to mass production models of equipment that does not meet the requirements of the OT.

Regulations on the organization of work on labor protection requires the administration to ensure the proper level of equipping places and the formation on them of conditions that correspond to the single industry and interindustry rules, sanitary norms developed and approved in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Requirements for

employees The company administration is obliged to conduct safety briefings( TB), fire protection, industrial sanitation and other OT regulations.

Personnel must strictly follow the instructions that establish the requirements for performing operations and behavior on site. In particular, this applies to workers at construction sites, in production workshops.

These instructions are prepared according to a standard document and approved by the management of the enterprise together with the relevant elected trade union structure. Personnel must comply with the requirements for handling mechanisms, machines, equipment and equipment, PPE, provided to him.

Regulations for the administration of

The management of the enterprise exercises constant control over observance by employees of all the requirements set forth in the instructions for HSE.

It is the duty of the administration to perform a timely and proper investigation and record of all accidents that have occurred. At the same time, during the clarification of the circumstances, the identification of the guilty persons should be attended by representatives of the trade union, and, if necessary, other bodies.

Based on investigation and accounting materials, management is required to take appropriate measures in a timely manner to eliminate the causes of accidents.

Materials and facilities for carrying out activities for AS

. Allocation is carried out by the company's management in accordance with the established procedure.

Expenditure of materials and funds intended for carrying out activities related to OT is not allowed for other purposes.

The order of their use is established by collective agreements. They are concluded between the corresponding elective trade union structure.

The labor collective monitors the proper use of the funds intended for carrying out the OT activities.

Additional requirements of

The administration of the enterprise is obliged to provide employees engaged in hazardous locations, as well as for work with a special temperature regime or associated with pollution, free special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment.

The manual should provide for washing, storage, drying, disinfection, decontamination, degassing and repair of specified PPE.

Workers involved in pollution-related activities should be provided with free flushing agents. On sites where negative impact on the skin of harmful compounds is possible, personnel are provided with detoxifying substances.

Medical examinations

The responsibility of the management is to ensure regular medical examination of employees. Preliminary examinations are carried out on admission to the enterprise, periodic - in the process of carrying out professional activities related to severe or harmful and dangerous conditions.

Medical examination is mandatory for personnel employed in transport. It is necessary to determine the suitability for work and to prevent occupational diseases. The list of negative factors of production and harmful operations, in the performance of which it is prescribed to conduct periodic and preliminary inspections, as well as the procedure for their implementation, are established by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Sample Regulations on organization of work in the field of OSH 2017-2018: where you can download

Here you can download 3 variants of samples of this Regulation for free download. It seems that it will be easy to select the version of the Regulation for the needs of its organization and adapt it:

  1. Regulations on labor protection.
  2. Regulations on the organization of work on labor protection.
  3. Model provision on the OSH management system.

The Regulation on the organization of activities related to OT is of great practical importance in the activities of any enterprise. Providing healthy and safe conditions for the implementation of professional activities of personnel is the responsibility of the manager. For failure to comply with the requirements of the law, liability is provided.

At the same time, employees of the enterprise are obliged to comply with established regulations, norms, rules. Only joint efforts of personnel and administration at the enterprise can create safe conditions for professional activity.


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