Signs of the occurrence of gout and its treatment

Gout is known to many in books and films as an ancient disease associated with the deposition of salts in the joints, but some were not fortunate enough to judge it from their own experience. Unfortunately, not only has it not been cured yet, but it has also become more widespread, today it becomes more frequent cases of women's illness, which was earlier noted extremely rarely.

  • Gout, what a disease
  • Symptoms
  • Causes of the disease
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Fresh fish
  • Garlic
  • Alder
  • Iodine and soda
  • Ointment based on goose fat
  • Currant
  • Bow
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Cure for gout
  • Pills
  • Ointments
  • Prevention
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Gout, what a disease

Most of us with gout are associated with joint disease, which leads to the formation of bones on the legs, which doctors call tofusi. In fact, this disease is caused by a violation in the body of metabolism. As a result, the kidneys stop processing properly purines, and the body accumulates uric acid, which in the form of urate sodium settles in the joints.

Small particles of urate crystallize in many joints near the joint bag. In this case, the tissues become inflamed, which leads to impaired mobility and joint destruction. Most of the problems fall on the small bones of the legs, especially the big toe, hands, knee, ankle joints are affected. If the first signs of gout are found, immediately consult a doctor who treats the disease.

Gout is known since the time of Hippocrates, who described it. Often it is called a disease of kings because of the causes of the occurrence, a fairly rare manifestation.


This disease is characterized by exacerbation in the form of gouty arthritis (inflammation of the joint): the appearance of sharp pain in the affected joint to the night or at the morning and subsidence it in the afternoon.

  1. On the joint appears tuberous formation of tofus, which resembles a bone, very sore, intensely red, the skin is taut, glossy.
  2. Perhaps, the rise in body temperature to 38-390 С. Sometimes tofusov burst, and salt dust appears on the skin.
  3. Gout is characterized by an increase in the level of urate in the blood.

The first suffer great joints of the toes, many joints of the hands and feet, then the knees, the ankle are involved. Gradually, tofus appear on most joints, a single gouty arthritis, passes into polyarthritis (multiple lesions).

The mobility of the articular apparatus is greatly reduced, down to immobilization, they are destroyed.

The first signs of gout appear in men between 40 and 50 years old, who suffer from this disease more often than women. Women suffer from it after 55 (after the onset of menopause).

Important!If gouty arthritis occurs, it is quite possible that kidney stones originate, they are formed from urates and can provoke renal colic, pyelonephritis.

Causes of the disease

At the heart of the appearance of gout lie metabolic disorders in the body, which causes excessive accumulation of urate. The reasons for raising their level can be two:

  • poor kidney work, which can not cope with the removal of these salts from the body (they are normal);
  • too much urate in the blood, which can not process the kidneys.

Among the factors that cause metabolic disorders and lead to an elevated level of uric acid components, doctors call the following:

  • eating foods high in purines: fatty meat, seafood, carbonated drinks, which led to its second name (disease of kings);
  • use of alcohol, smoking also contribute to the formation of purines in the blood, leads to the deposition of urates;
  • hereditary predisposition, sometimes not manifested with the right way of life, but being latent (asleep) and aggravated by the slightest violation of the usual rhythm;
  • diseases associated with a metabolic disorder: diabetes, ischemia, transplantation, kidney failure;
  • male gender, combined with the age of 40 years.

Important!Scientists call the main component of the emergence of the "disease of kings" - excesses in nutrition, alcohol, and as evidence lead statistics of wartime, when the consumption of meat decreased, and the incidence of gout fell.

Treatment with folk remedies

Some methods and means of treating gout at home include centuries of use, among them:

  • lotion;
  • baths;
  • ointments;
  • rubbing;
  • infusions.

Sick people and doctors, note the high effectiveness of traditional methods of treatment. There are cases when patients claimed that with the help of this or that folk method they cured gout. It is important only to find one that will be most useful in a particular case.

Fresh fish

This recipe has been used for more than one hundred years:

  1. We need to take fresh fish, and separate the fillets from the bones, cool it.
  2. Attach to the affected joint and wrap it with cellophane (originally linen paper), and then warmly wrap it.
  3. The compress should be done at night, and in the morning, wash the joint with alkaline soap. Fillets can be stored for future use and stored in the refrigerator.


Peel 3 medium heads of garlic, grind, add ½ liter of vinegar (9%). Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks at a moderate temperature, do not forget to shake periodically. Then strain and do lotions for the night until the pain passes.


Young branches of alder together with leaves and buds 10-15 cm long pour hot water in a ratio of 300 g of branches per 10 liters of water and boil for 5-6 minutes. Allow to stand until cool, make baths for patients with joints. Pain will not go away immediately, but on the first day it will become weaker. Do before the disappearance of pain.

Iodine and soda

In 3 liters of warm water, dissolve 4 hours. l. soda and 10 drops of iodine (10% tincture). Baths take 10 days. After the bath, the sore spot needs to be wiped dry.

Ointment based on goose fat

You need to take turpentine, table vinegar (9%), ammonia and camphor oil on a tablespoon and add up to 100 grams of capacity with goose fat. Blend the melt, loosen it and apply it to the affected joint. Each time before use, blend and heat.

Important!When gout is necessary not only local baths, triturials, lotions, but also teas, infusions, designed to stabilize the metabolism, normalize the kidneys, reduce the number of purine bases in the body.


Brew young twigs, as well as leaves, like tea and drink at least 3 cups a day. This tea contains substances that can destroy uric acid.


Take 3-4 medium-sized onions, put in 1 liter of cold water along with the husk. Bring to a boil and cook until the bulbs turn into gruel. Decoction cool, drain, use 1/2 cup before meals. The course of 2 weeks, then a break for 1 month, such courses should be at least 5.

Herbal Remedies

Take equal amounts

  • leaves of strawberry;
  • birch leaves;
  • nettle;
  • corn silk;
  • fruits of burdock (burdock).

Grind the grass and mix well. For tea, brew 1 hour. l. for a cup of water. Drink 2-3 cups daily. The course is not less than 2 months.

Cure for gout

Despite the fact that gout is known to people for many centuries, the disease can not be cured yet. Today it is possible to relieve exacerbation and inflammation, but over time the disease will return with renewed vigor.

Drug treatment includes the use of drugs that normalize the amount of purine bases in the body, and also relieve pain, inflammation. For local treatment, ointments with the same local characteristics are used.

Important!He is treated by a rheumatologist and only he can prescribe a cure.


Acute attacks of gouty arthritis are treated with anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs: Methidione, Diclofenac, Indomethicin, or Naproxen. Most often, preparations of Analgin and Paracetamol are ineffective. To cure acute attacks, doctors are often credited with colchicine.

One of the most proven and long-used drugs for the normalization of purine bases will be Allopurinol, also used Probenecid, Peglotikazu, Phoebusostat.

Important!Despite the presence of a large number of side effects, recent studies have proven that Allopurinol today is the most effective drug in the fight against this disease.


With severe pain, it is important to anesthetize an inflamed joint, which is almost always successful with diclofenac ointment, Ibuprofen. In severe inflammatory processes, glucocorticosteroids are recommended: Prednisolone, Prednisone, Cortisone.


When gout occurs, it is important to try to minimize the possibility of exacerbation. To do this, you must adhere to a number of important rules:

  1. Revise your diet and discard products containing purines: fat meats, seafood, mushrooms, the total amount of animal protein should not exceed 120 grams per day.
  2. Limit to a minimum, but rather give up completely on the consumption of alcohol.
  3. Maximally protect the patient's joint: comfortable shoes, minimal loads.
  4. Try as often as possible to give the sick joint rest, apply cold to it.
  5. Do special exercises for the joints. Therapeutic exercise should take at least half an hour a day.
  6. Eat vegetables and fruits, cereals, vitamins and vitamin complexes. Here, vitamin tinctures and herbal teas are especially useful. A large amount of vitamin C.
  7. Monitor the amount of urate in the blood. Hand over the analyzes on their content regularly.
  8. Do not abuse aspirin, carbonated drinks, powdered juices.

Successful treatment is possible only with an integrated approach, where medicamental treatment, folk methods and proper nutrition will necessarily be present. At the same time, proper nutrition is the basis for treating gout.