Get rid of foot arthritis quickly and easily

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. The disease can have various causes, but the symptoms are very similar: pain, redness, swelling of the joint, fever, often swelling.

  • Arthritis of the foot and the causes of its appearance
  • Symptoms of Arthritis
  • Treatment of arthritis
  • Antibiotics
  • Home remedies for arthritis
  • Diet
  • Herbs
  • Baths
  • Rubbing
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Arthritis of the foot and the causes of its appearance

Arthritis of the foot is a rather common disease. It occurs not only in adults, but even in toddlers, only students go. Also, there is arthritis of the knee joint and arthritis of the fingers, they also need to know the symptoms and how to treat, but about this in another article.

All causes of arthritis can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the work of the body's immune system is disrupted. As a result, cells of the cartilaginous tissue of the joints begin to break down.
  2. Osteoarthritis is more often caused by age-related changes in the joints.
  3. Reactive arthritis is a complication after some infectious diseases.
  4. Gouty arthritis is formed due to the deposition of salts of uric acid in the joints, which leads to pain and inflammation.
  5. Traumatic arthritis - inflammation of the joint after bruises, injuries.

A person's foot consists of many bones, so there are many opportunities for arthritis. Additional factors affecting the development of the disease are:

  • excess weight, increasing the load on the feet;
  • wearing uncomfortable, cramped shoes and high-heeled shoes that impede blood supply to the joints;
  • work associated with long standing on the legs.

Symptoms of Arthritis

The main sign of arthritis of the foot is acute pain in joints, arising at night. On examination, the patient places visible redness and swelling, you can feel the touch that body temperature at this point is increased. Often the leg swells.

In the morning, the stiffness of the movements of the affected joint is felt, mobility returns only after a while when walking. Swollen legs do not fit in ordinary shoes, being in it causes pain.

Important:at the first signs of arthritis, see a doctor to stop the disease at the very beginning. With further development of the disease, the cartilaginous tissue of the joints is destroyed, their mobility is reduced. It can be a complete loss of ability to move!

Treatment of arthritis

After asking you about the symptoms, the doctor will prescribe a detailed study: laboratory tests, X-ray examination of patients with joints. In addition to general blood and urine tests, biochemical (for example, uric acid) and immunological studies will be needed.

Only after this, after determining the cause of the disease, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. It includes the means to relieve the pain syndrome, and the means combating the causes of the disease. These are antibiotics, chondroprotectors and various external agents.

In addition, the complex treatment includes exercises of therapeutic gymnastics and physiotherapy.

Important:Do not engage in self-medication! Incorrect diagnosis and subsequent wrong treatment can only lead to a worsening of the course of the disease!


Antibiotics are prescribed to a patient with arthritis feet individually. The physician must take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, after determining the cause of the infection. The disease can arise from any infected organ.

  1. If the focus of infection was the urogenital tract, antibiotics of a number of fluorooxyquinolones, tetracyclines are prescribed.
  2. When upper respiratory tract infection occurs, semisynthetic penicillins, cephalosporins.
  3. Macrolides are prescribed in two cases.
  4. When arthritis stop, chondroprotectors are more often used: Teraflex, Arthron, Chondrovite, Structum. At the heart of these drugs lie the components of the articular cartilage: glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Home remedies for arthritis

At home, you can use herbal therapy, various baths, compresses and rubbing. But first of all you need to follow a diet.


When arthritis should be reduced in the diet of the proportion of foods containing starch and sugar (flour dishes, potatoes, sweets). There are as many vegetables and fruits as possible: in the form of salads, cooked on water, steamed, stewed. Eliminate salted and smoked dishes, fat, beans.

It is necessary to enrich your diet with vitamins, so use as much greens (except rhubarb and sorrel). Very good to eat dishes of fresh cabbage and carrots.

Often cook porridge on the water - rice and millet. This helps to remove excess salts from the body.

With inflammation of the joints, it is useful to eat dairy products (a source of calcium), cooked or steamed sea fish, cold meat and other fillings (the source of chondroitin).

The right diet, among other things, also helps to lose weight and thereby reduce the burden on the feet.

Important:the right doctor must prescribe the right diet!


During the exacerbation, burdock leaves help. The use of them - is nowhere simpler: a freshly torn sheet is applied to the sore spot with a "purl" side, fixed with a bandage, and a cotton sock is put on top. You can leave for the whole night, and in the morning attach a new sheet until the evening. The pain goes away pretty quickly.

Some suggest first to wash the leaves and dry, and then lubricate with vegetable oil the side that will be adjacent to the leg. But without it, burdock leaves are a good way to relieve swelling and pain. It's also good that the leaves can be dried for the winter, and if necessary, use it, after holding it in the water.

Good for arthritis helps the broths of St. John's wort, chamomile, lime-colored. Any of them or a collection of pour a glass of boiling water, cover, insist 10 minutes. A filtered broth to drink a day in several receptions.

A glass of mixed cabbage-carrot juice in equal proportions is also quietly to drink during the day.

To obtain an effective remedy for joints, such decoctions are used (all calculated for 1 glass of liquid):

2 hours l. stump corn pour boiling water, leave to cool. Drink a tablespoon 3 times a day. 2 spoonfuls of birch buds pour boiling water and stand on low heat for 15 minutes. To wrap, after cooling to drink on a quarter of a glass 4 times a day.

Brew in a thermos a handful of currant leaves boiling water. After an hour, drain. Take a tablespoon three times a day.

All broths should be drunk 20-30 minutes before meals.

Important:remember that unfamiliar herbs can cause allergies! Be careful!


In order to reduce pain in chronic arthritis, you can use warm baths. For them, you can use a strong solution of iodized or sea salt. And of herbs well suited broths celandine, chamomile, oak bark, roots of aira. A couple of handfuls of herbs boil with boiling water, insist for an hour. Strain the infusion into a basin with warm water. Keep feet in the tub until half an hour, pouring boiling water as it cools.

Young pine needles can be cooked in the same way as grass. A young pine cone is better to boil for 20 minutes, then add the broth to the bath.

You can make a bath with mustard at a rate of 1 tbsp. l. per liter of warm water.

You can apply warming compresses at night, warming up feet in hot sand, salt.

Important:with acute inflammation, it is impossible to warm the sick joints!


For grinding joint patients, alcoholic herbal tinctures are usually used. You can take grated fresh grated burdock roots, elecampane or dandelion, pour a glass of raw 0.5 liters of alcohol in a glass bowl. After two weeks you can use it for grinding.

Insist in one bottle of vodka a glass of lilac flowers for a week. This is a very effective tool for joints.

Also good is tincture of propolis. You can prepare it yourself (10 grams of raw materials per 100 grams of vodka, insist for two weeks) or buy it ready at the pharmacy. You can also grind the fir or camphor oil.

In vegetable oil, add a little turpentine and camphor, rub the joints before going to bed.

Mix equal amounts of vodka, honey, grated black radish. Add a tablespoon of shallow salt to the glass of the mixture. Rub into joints in a warm state.

Important:rubbing should be carried out for 7-10 days, even if the pain stopped at the first time.

Arthritis is a serious disease requiring long and painstaking treatment. Take care of your joints!

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