Tincture and decoction from the root of a dandelion: useful properties and contraindications

Have you ever seen how, through a thick layer of asphalt, a faint germ of a seemingly weedy plant suddenly starts to break through?

A dandelion can germinate in very unfavorable conditions: on different soils and places, withstand short-term minus temperatures. Such a force of life lies in its structure and chemical composition.

  • The chemical composition of
  • What can be treated
  • Where and when to harvest
  • Root preparation for long-term storage
  • Methods of application
  • Recipes and doses
  • Contraindications to the use of

In Russia, dandelion as a medicinal plant was noticed many years ago.

He was called the "life elixir" and resorted to his help in the treatment of many diseases.

But not only in our country - mention is made of the healing properties of this plant in ancient Greece, where its name Taraxacum meant "soothing".

In Japan, India, America, Western Europe, the plant is cultivated quite actively, and a lot of its garden and vegetable varieties are derived.

Chemical composition of

In the chemical composition of the roots of this Russian chicory, sterols, taraxol, taraksasterol, lactukopyrin, biologically active macronutrients - magnesium, cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten, zinc, bromine, copper, selenium.

A huge amount of vitamins:

  • A, B1 and B12, PP, E,
  • ascorbic acid( C),
  • protein,
  • carotenoids,
  • up to 40% of inulin, much needed by a diabetic patient,
  • mucus,
  • resin,
  • essential oils andtannins.

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What can be treated

The bitterness contained in the dandelion excites the appetite.

First, they affect taste buds directly in the lab, and then on the work of gastric secretions( increases the secretion of gastric juice), pancreas, in colitis weakened fermentation processes, reducing pain.

Also.the roots of a dandelion, having an easy laxative effect, contribute to getting rid of constipation.

Cholagogue properties are used in diseases of the kidneys, liver and spleen.

The roots of a dandelion are often used in conjunction with other plant and chemical substances, both in traditional medicine and in the creation of patented drugs.

For example, Aristochol( Germany) has proven itself in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory liver diseases, restoration of gallbladder functions, relief of conditions after operations on the liver and kidneys.

The ability of anticoagulant properties of dandelion medicinal roots to clear blood vessels, preventing thrombi from forming on their walls, perfectly helps to prevent thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

The glycosides contained in the dandelion help the reproduction of chondrocytes, which are responsible for the normal condition of the articular cartilage.

The consequence of this is not only an excellent preventive effect, but also an improvement of the already neglected conditions in which deformations and destruction of cartilaginous tissue occur( arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis).

Lotion from decoctions of dandelion medicinal is used for eye diseases.

Breastfeeding women are recommended a small dose of powder or broth to increase lactation.

Improvement of the general condition of the body, lowering of cholesterol in the blood, increased immunity, calming of nervous states, treatment of insomnia, as anthelmintic( killing parasites in the human body).

Where and when to harvest

A dandelion grows everywhere and everywhere. And to use it as a wonderful miracle cure against many ailments is quite simple.

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You just have to follow some rules when collecting and harvesting the roots of this plant.

Dandelion concentrates copper, selenium and zinc, so special attention should be paid to the collection site. At least a kilometer from the busy trails.

Best of all - in forest glades, where clean air and good ecology. But you can take and from their plots and gardens, observing the condition of distance from the roads.

According to the collection time, spring and autumn are distinguished, that is, when the juices have not yet started( in April or early May) or when it is already coming to an end and the substances are already stored in the plant( September-November).

Summer fees can go for coffee, but as a medicine they will have a much smaller effect.

Root preparation for long-term storage of

To be able to use the dandelion's healing properties throughout the year, it is necessary to properly prepare the raw material for storage:

  • the plant is pulled out of the ground, it can be digged with a shovel, chopper or knife;
  • the lateral roots and the thin part of the main rhizome are removed;
  • thick cropped roots immediately fall into the water, where the sponge is scraped off the remains of the earth;
  • after short washing the roots can be hung for withering in a warm ventilated room( can be decomposed into a single layer on hygroscopic tissue or paper);
  • is useful after several days of drying to cut the roots into smaller parts, in which case they will dry better and make it easier to make powder;
  • can be dried in an oven or dryer, but not exceeding 40 degrees.

Dried roots of dandelion can retain their medicinal properties up to 5 years.

If you have decided that drying is a long and time consuming process, we recommend that you make an alcohol tincture.

For this, after washing, easy drying and cutting into small pieces, half a glass of vodka is poured into half a glass of this raw material and insisted for 2 weeks without access to sunlight and in a relatively cold place.

Then the healing tincture is filtered and ready for storage in the refrigerator.

Ways of using

The decoction of dried roots is most often used.

You can do it in two ways.

The first way.
Two teaspoons of ground root are poured into a glass( 200 g) of cold water and infused for 8 hours.
Then cook for 5-8 minutes, strain and drink in a few tricks, lightly cooling to an acceptable temperature.

10 g of powder from the roots put in a glass or enamel pan, add a glass of hot boiling water, cook in a water bath for 15 minutes, stirring constantly.
After this, allow to cool for an hour, squeeze and top up the broth to a glass of boiling water.

Drink a third cup 3 times a day( in some cases, the glass is divided into 4 parts and the broth is consumed 4 times a day).Store in the refrigerator.

The second method of is faster and easier, but the first one retains a greater amount of useful substances that, when soaked in cold water, go to the decoction gradually.

Juice is obtained from all parts of the dandelion: stems, leaves, including it and in the roots of the plant. Juice can be obtained by extraction in a small amount of water, vodka or alcohol.

But you can also use directly protruding thick liquid at the time of excavating the roots.

Basically, juice is treated with warts and papillomas, it is used to discolor freckles, moles and pigment spots.

The most pleasant and unobtrusive treatment of dandelion roots is the use of tea and coffee from this plant material.

For tea a cup of boiling water is taken a teaspoon( you can 2) of the roots and brewed 20-30 minutes. You can drink in cold and warm clothes.

In order to make coffee, it is necessary to pre-fry the pieces of rootlets and then grind them in a coffee grinder. You can simply crush a tolstick or a mortar on a wooden board.

2-3 tablespoons of powder are taken per liter of water, boiled for 2 minutes and insists a little.

As with coffee beans, it is important not to roast the roots. Then the taste will perfectly complement the benefit.

Even those who are forbidden by doctors to drink natural coffee can not be afraid for their health when using this drink.

Recipes and doses

For joints .When inflammatory phenomena in the joints 1 tsp.a glass of water, boil on low heat for 10-15 minutes, insist an hour, drink before each meal on a tablespoon;

To reduce the temperature of for colds.1 tspraw on a glass of water, pour( do not boil), insist for an hour, drink 4 times a day for a quarter cup before eating;

When there is no appetite, with constipation, sluggish intestine .1 tspdry root, washing with water for 15-20 minutes before eating;

With furuncles , acne, skin rashes, weakened immunity. Take infusion of the first type( with cold water pouring) on ​​a third of the glass 15 minutes before eating;

For pain in the liver .Brewed 1 tsp.boiling water, insist in ukuporennom form for an hour, filter and drink a quarter cup of broth for half an hour before eating 4 times a day;

Treatment of lamblia .Decoction of the second type( with pouring boiling water) to take in a warm form for 15-20 minutes before meals three to four times a day;

From hemorrhoids .2 tsp.roots are insisted in a glass of water at room temperature without boiling for 8 hours, the glass drips 4 times;

With atherosclerotic events with memory impairment .Within a few months( from 4 to 6), 5 g of powder from the roots of the plant before eating are ingested internally. It is washed down with water.

Contraindications to the use of

As with any remedy for dandelion roots, there are contraindications to the use. So do not use it to people with high acidity of the stomach.

It is also advisable to consult a doctor before drinking decoctions of "Russian ginseng" to those who suffer from blockage of the bile ducts.

Because of the laxative properties, the use of dandelion roots should be restricted or applied with extreme caution to those people who suffer from frequent intestinal disorders.

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