Effective cough medicine

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Effective cough medicine

Effective cough medicineThe question of how to cure cough effectively, worries many people. After all, almost every person at least once a year has a cold or infectious respiratory a disease in which symptoms such as weakness, drowsiness, fever and cold run through fast enough. But cough, sometimes persists for several weeks, causing severe inconvenience and causing complications. That is why it is so important to know what disease caused a cough, the better to treat it and what medications are most effective.

The Best of Cough: Three Simple Rules for Effective Treatment

Before you run to the pharmacy and buy up a lot of medicines, remember three simple rules for effective cough treatment:

  • In no case do not self-medicate. Remember that there are no effective cough medicines because it is just a symptom. In order to get rid of it, you should know what disease caused its occurrence. Visit the doctor so that he can identify the etiology of the symptom and prescribe a treatment that in most cases cases includes not only the use of antitussive drugs, but complex treatment disease.
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  • Do not try to find the most effective cough medicine in folk medicine. It is not a question of denying its usefulness, but of a lack of effectiveness. Remember that most experts in the field of medicine advise using folk remedies in combination with drugs from the pharmacy.
  • Be sure to finish the course of drugs to the end. Do not throw the process of healing halfway. Have taken a pill or syrup from this symptom, please do this until the end. Otherwise, even the best and most effective cough medicine will not help you.

What is better and more effective from coughing?

There are several drugs that, according to reviews of ordinary people, are the most effective for coughing. So, with a wet productive symptom with poorly separated sputum, the best medicine is considered to be "ATSTS". This product is available for sale in the form of powders or soluble effervescent tablets. Contained in the "ACTS" substances perfectly dilute sputum and remove it from the bronchi. Relief when they are taken is starting to feel on the first day. This fact only confirms that "ATSTS" is the best and most effective way of coughing.

With a wet productive symptom, you can also use a lozenge or syrup "Doctor MOM". This remedy consists of plant components and excretes sputum easily from the lungs and bronchi.

Effective drugs and cough suppressantsA similar condition can also be cured with drugs containing ambroxol. Often, therapists are asked questions about what is more effective and better for the adult from coughing - Ambroxol, Ambrobene or Lazolvan. All these medicines are sold as syrups or potions. They are the same in terms of the effect on sputum. Their difference is only in price. All these drugs in their composition have ambroxol. But some of them also consist of flavor additives and auxiliary substances. So, the more expensive "Lazolvan" and "Ambrobene" have a pleasant fruity slightly sweetish taste. This greatly facilitates the process of their reception. "Ambroxol" has a bitter taste, which makes its reception problematic, especially for children.

Remember that this symptom may not be associated with inflammatory processes occurring in the airway. In this case, the reception of these effective medicines will not bring relief. We are talking about diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, as well as allergic reactions.


Inexpensive but effective cough preparations

inexpensive but effective cough preparations

You do not have to overpay for high-quality medicines. There are many medications that are direct analogs of various drugs, and they are no worse than the originals. This is especially true if high-speed, but inexpensive and effective cough drugs are needed. Knowing the list of such medicines, it is easy to save on therapy of this symptom and spend 2-4 times less money.

Qualitative, but inexpensive and effective drugs for dry cough

If there is no expectoration of sputum, antitussive medicines should be used. They act directly on the centers that are responsible for the occurrence of airway contractions, prevent their irritation. Most of the drugs in question also have mild anesthetic effects, promote bronchial expansion and prevent spasms.

The most effective and cheap drugs with a dry cough:

1. Medicines that simultaneously exhibit anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator and antitussive properties, reducing cough reflexes and viscosity of thick sputum in the bronchi:

  • Stoptussin;
  • Broncholitin;
  • Tussin Plus;
  • Butamyrate;
  • Lorraine;
  • Prothiazine;
  • Hexapneumine;
  • Herbion with plantain.

2. Medications that affect the peripheral nerve endings and receptors that are located locally, in the trachea and bronchial tree:

  • Levopron;
  • Helicidin;
  • Libexin
  • Linkas.

3. Preparations of the central antitussive action, stopping even severe attacks of cough and inflammation with the narcotic component:

  • Hydrocodone;
  • Codeine;
  • Codipron;
  • Demorphan;
  • Kodelak.

4. Preparations of the central antitussive action without narcotic ingredients:

  • Tusuprex;
  • Sedotussin;
  • Glavent;
  • Sinecod;
  • Paxelidine;
  • Falimint;
  • Omnitus.

Good, but inexpensive and effective drugs from a wet cough

When the bronchial secretion is already expectorated, it is necessary to facilitate its removal - to reduce the viscosity and increase the amount. For this purpose a separate group of medicines, mucolytics and expectorants are intended.

The 10 most effective preparations for a productive cough:

  • Ambroxol;
  • Bromhexine;
  • Ambrogen;
  • Haliksol;
  • ATSTS (Acetylcysteine);
  • Ambroghexal;
  • Herbion syrup of primrose;
  • Pertussin;
  • Gedelix;
  • Fluidite.

The following drugs have practically the same effect:

  • Ambrosan;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Medovent;
  • Ambrolanolazolvan;
  • Bisolvon;
  • Fulpen;
  • Broxin;
  • Letostein;
  • Flegamine;
  • The collection;
  • bicarbonate, citrate, benzoate and carboxymethylcysteine ​​sodium.

Also very popular drugs based on completely natural ingredients:

  • Tablets from cough with thermopsis;
  • Mukaltin;
  • syrup of althea;
  • infusion of plantain leaves;
  • The mukonist;
  • syrup of licorice root;
  • infusion of herb-coltsfoot;
  • Mukobene;
  • syrup of the root elecampane;
  • thoracic fees (1-4);
  • infusion of root stink.

In addition, you can recommend such mucolytic and expectorant drugs:

  • Guaifenazine;
  • Mucosol;
  • Ipecacuanha;
  • Mukoprint;
  • potassium iodide;
  • Chymotrypsin;
  • Terpin hydrate;
  • Bronkatar;
  • Mukodin;
  • Fluvik;
  • Mistabrone;
  • preparations from a wet cough are inexpensive but effective
  • Trypsin;
  • Pulmonizing;
  • sodium iodide.

All of these medicines are of low cost and interchangeable, but strictly necessary adhere to the instructions for use, avoid the simultaneous use of antitussive and expectorant medicines. Do not take drugs for longer than the recommended course of therapy, if the inefficiency of any remedy is better stop using it and change the medication. Before buying any medicine, it is advisable to get a consultation between a therapist and a pulmonologist.


The best cough medicine

The best cough medicineThe best cough medicine for everyone is its own, after all, not fully understood the human body sometimes responds to the reception of various means in different ways. That is why many people have their own good and effective remedy to help cope with this symptom. The list of the best cough remedies listed below is based on feedback from people who recommend them to use. Please note that before using them, you should consult your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Effective cough medicine "Doctor Mom"

The best cough medicineThis good cough medicine for an adult will help if the symptom is productive. The composition of the best means "Doctor MOM" includes ginger, elecampane, licorice root, plantain extract and basil and other plant substances that have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. For sale this is the best and most effective cough remedy available in the form of syrup and lozenges. Both these species are equally useful and effective. However, unlike syrup, lozenges also help to soften severe attacks, and they are also convenient to carry with them.

The best cough medicines for sprays and lozenges "Tantum Verde"

Tantum Verde from a coughThe best tested Tantoum Verde product is benzidamine hydrochloride and excipients. A pleasant mint flavor gently affects the mucous membranes and facilitates the condition with a dry, unproductive symptom. It can be used even for the treatment of small children, sprinkling a small amount on a pacifier. On sale you can find "Tantum Verde" in pastilles and in the form of a spray with a convenient dispenser.

The most effective cough medicine "ACTS"

ATSTS - the best cough medicineThis drug has a chemical composition, as well as the previous one. It is believed that the "ACTS" is the best cure for a damp cough. Its effect becomes noticeable on the first day of admission. The best means to excrete phlegm dilutes it, making the painful and debilitating symptom more productive. For sale this drug is supplied in effervescent tablets and small sachets with powder.

The best cure for dry cough "Sinekod"

cyanocodeWith tracheitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis, the symptom is dry, since mucus is practically not produced and does not stagnate in the bronchi and lungs. The drug "Sinekod" is considered to be the best among other means aimed at combating such ailments. It has an antitussive effect, which greatly facilitates breathing and reduces seizures.

The best cure for wet cough is Ambroxol

Ambroxol for coughingOne of the best and most effective drugs aimed at diluting sputum and removing it from the lungs and bronchi is Ambroxol. The substances in its composition softly affect the peristalsis of the bronchi and cough receptors. On sale this best product comes in the form of a syrup. Ambroxol is the cheapest syrup. On its basis, Ambrobene and Lazolvan are also produced. They also include auxiliary substances and flavors, but cost an order of magnitude more.

The most effective cough medicine for dry "Libexin"

caffeine"Libexin" along with "Sinekodom" is considered the most effective cough medicine. The substances that enter into it also suppress the cough reflex, but do not have a depressing effect on the general respiratory center. For sale it is supplied in tablets, which begin to function effectively after half an hour after the first application.

He remembers that this symptom is not always associated with inflammatory processes occurring in the upper or lower respiratory tract. Often it develops completely for other reasons. In this case even the best medicines can be powerless.


Effective cough remedy: a review of medicines and home recipes

Cough is most often the result of a flu or cold. It is very important to start treating it as soon as possible. But what is the most effective cough remedy? Today there are quite a lot of drugs that help in a short time. People's means are also effective.

The problem of coughing

Treatment of cough medication

To determine what to treat cough, you must first get acquainted with the main types of drugs. They are divided into medicines of combined, peripheral and central action.Each of them has its own peculiarities.

Drug Groups

Central cough medicines include drugs with a narcotic effect, they include:

Sinecod for treatment of cough
  • Codeine;
  • Hydrocodone;
  • Codipron;
  • Ethylmorphine hydrochloride;
  • Demorphan;
  • Morphine chloride.

Also in this group are drugs without a drug effect, for example, Tusuprex, Sedotussin, Glavent, Paxeladin, Sinekod. Drugs of central action are suitable for the treatment of severe dry cough. If you have sputum, you need to resort to other drugs.

Drugs peripheral action effectively affect the nerve endings of the receptors of the tracheobronchial tree. Such drugs are often used to treat dry cough, they include:

  • Levopron;
  • Libexin;
  • Helicidin
Libexin against dry coughAnd the last group of drugs refers to a combined action. They are great for treating wet cough. Such drugs reduce the cough reflex, promote the production of sputum and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Such medicines include:
  • Stoptussin;
  • Butamyrate;
  • Hexapneumine;
  • Tussin plus;
  • Prothiazine;
  • Broncholitin;
  • Lorraine.

Isolate a separate group of drugs, which includes mucolytic agents. They increase bronchial secretion, reduce the viscosity of sputum and promote its effective elimination. Here is a list of the most effective drugs in this group:

Stopoutsin for the treatment of cough
  • Thermopsis;
  • Lycorol;
  • Terpin hydrate;
  • Exomuk Pertussin;
  • The collection;
  • Letostein;
  • Suprima-broncho;
  • Eucabal.

Forms of medicinal products

Cough preparations can be presented in the form of tablets, lozenges, sprays and aerosols. Such funds are appointed exclusively by a doctor. Here is a list of the most commonly used tablets in cough therapy:

  • Bromhexine has an expectorant effect, promotes the dilution of sputum and is excellent even for respiratory diseases;
  • Halixol is prescribed for dry cough in adults;
  • Ambrohexal is a drug that is suitable for treating cough caused by bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma.

Often doctors prescribe lollipops for cough. They are taken according to the instructions 15 minutes after eating.

You can choose such drugs from the following list:

Sepptone for cough
  • Tharyngept;
  • Travisil;
  • Linkas Lor;
  • Seppto;
  • Doctor IOM.

For treatment, these candies are especially effective in cases where there is sore throat and redness of the tonsils.

The cough medicine can be represented by syrup. This drug has virtually no side effects and contraindications. The result of its application will be noticeable after a few days. We present to your attention a list of the most effective syrups:

  • Lazolvan strengthens the bronchi, removing inflammation from them, removes phlegm and facilitates the general condition;
  • Althaeus is a natural remedy, which includes calendula, anise, propolis, ascorbic acid, marshmallow, has an expectorant and antibacterial effect;
  • Timusan is a syrup with natural ingredients (dog rose, echinacea, thyme, fennel), which have antiseptic effect and strengthen immunity;
  • Broncholitin is a good remedy that eliminates the symptoms of cough and the causes of its occurrence, but you can take this syrup only as directed by a specialist;
  • Gedelix - syrup, created on the basis of ivy, promotes rapid recovery, suitable for children and pregnant women.
Gedelix for the treatment of coughSprays from cough act quickly enough, because they contain microscopic particles. When they hit the irritated mucous throat, they soothe it, relieve the inflammation and facilitate the general condition of the patient. To cure a cough, you can select an aerosol from this list:
  1. Ingalipt - a remedy with antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. The spray contains thymol, eucalyptus and peppermint oil, and sulfatiazole. This drug can be used for dry cough, the cause of which is inflammation.
  2. Tantum is an Italian remedy that effectively fights against ENT diseases. The drug has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The main active substance is benzidiamine.
  3. Shunam - aerosol with herbal extracts and aromatic oils. The product is suitable for treating cough in adults and children. With his help, sore throat and sputum is eliminated.

Use the spray according to the instructions. As a rule, they can be applied up to 5 times a day. The duration of therapy should not exceed more than 3 weeks.

Home remedies

Many people prefer to use folk remedies for coughing. They are best used after consultation with a doctor. Home therapy may provide for inhalation procedures, external means and compositions for ingestion.

Inhalations: options for recipes

Cough treatment with inhalationCoughing is well helped by the inhalation procedure. The simplest is to inhale a warm steam formulation of 200 ml of hot water, 2 drops of iodine and 10 g of soda. The procedure using this agent kills pathogenic bacteria, softens mucous membranes and dilutes sputum. You can replace the effect after the first procedure.

Excellent help with inhalation based on herbs. Here you can use collections of sage, eucalyptus, mint, oregano, thyme, althea, plantain, wormwood, chamomile, licorice. Preliminary it will be necessary to make herbs with boiling water, and then boil for 10 minutes, so that they give the maximum of useful substances. Then you can proceed to the procedure of inhalation.

Another simple but effective way is to inhale a couple of cooked potatoes. It will be necessary to take a few roots together with the skin, and then after the readiness to knead them right in the broth. Then you can do inhalations. Please note that the duration of such a procedure should not exceed 15 minutes. It will take several times a day.

External means

Excellent when cough help mustard plasters. They do not need to go to the pharmacy. They can be done independently. Take the mustard powder and mix in half with flour. Then the components are diluted with warm water, you need to get a mushy mixture. After that, the product is smeared onto the paper and applied to the chest area. Mustard must be kept for 10-30 minutes.

Goose fat for coughingExternal funds for coughing often involve the use of cans. You can put them on a classical scheme or resort to a massage. You should lubricate the patient's back with petroleum jelly. Then it sucks to the left shoulder of the bank and slowly moves to the waist, then it should go up, down and so on until the entire back is massaged.

For children, you can use a medical cake. You will first need to boil in the uniform 3 cartouches, then pound, add ¼ cup of flour, 10 grams of vegetable oil, honey and mustard. From the resulting mass, you need to make a cake, which is applied first to the chest, and then to the back. Keep it should be at least 10 minutes.

A good effect is provided by grinding with goose fat, you can also use badger or interior lard. Alternative means - pine and cedar oil. After rubbing, you need to wrap yourself up properly and go to bed.

Inward funds

In the treatment of cough, you can drink funds cooked at home. Here is the list of the most effective of them:

  1. Squeeze the juice from 1 lemon and add 4 h. l. honey. The component is thoroughly mixed, and then take the resulting composition for 1 hour. l. 4 times a day.
  2. Take 2 bulbs, peel off the husks and pass through the meat grinder. From the resulting gruel squeeze through the gauze juice. In it, add 100 g of sugar, and then place the ingredients on the fire. Boil them for 5-7 minutes, and then add 50 g of honey and take the drug for 1 hour. l. 6 times a day.
  3. Take 15 grams of turmeric and azhgona seeds. Fill them with 250 ml of water and boil until half the liquid is left in the container. Next, strain the healing broth and take it 3 times a day for 40 ml.

Approach the cough treatment in a complex way, so that recovery will come soon. In this case, be sure to consult a doctor before starting therapy. He will select the necessary treatment.


How to get rid of a smoker's cough: medicines and remedies

Symptoms of a smoker's cough

How to get rid of a smoker's cough: medicines and remediesMost smokers suffer from a regular nausea cough. To do this, in some cases, you do not even need to have a long record of service, there are people who smoke most of their life, but they do not suffer from such a cough. But at the same time a passive cough can gradually develop among the family members of this person.

The smoker's cough is quite special and it is difficult enough to confuse it with other types of cough. It can not be observed constantly, most often this cough happens in the morning or immediately after a person smokes. Cough has suffocating symptoms, it is agonizing and heavy. It often happens that patients characterize their own cough in such a way that soon they will spit out their own lungs.

Deep breathing a sick person is not possible because of the damage to his own diaphragm. It is for this reason that cough is manifested. Such coughing has a certain periodicity and can occur at any time. Cough seems to be unimportant and does not cause the patient much anxiety. Gradually, it intensifies over time and turns into dry, because of which the patient's condition only worsens. When coughing, the person himself has the impression of tearing his lungs and respiratory tract. After the cough passes, the patient begins to feel the pain behind the chest, in the ribs and the sore throat from the effort.

Chronic smoking smoker

Cough can occur in people for various reasons: either the colds appear or the cough receptors show susceptibility to the action of various factors, therefore their activity can serve as evidence of the presence of various allergens. About the chronic cough of a smoker, you can say that it is easy to recognize even without conducting a special study:

  • with the reflex act of coughing, the process of inhalation is difficult;
  • in the majority of cases, coughing attacks occur mostly in the morning or immediately after a person wakes up;
  • the susceptibility of cough receptors increases, therefore, in the event that a sharp and deep breath is taken, the onset of an involuntary, forced coughing attack is possible;
  • in the chronic form of the smoker's cough, sputum is abundantly allocated;
  • large physical exertion can cause a person to have a shortness of breath, which acts as a provocation of reflex action;
  • there is no such thing that the chronic cough of the smoker raises the temperature;
  • The neglected stages of the chronic cough of the smoker are accompanied by the release of a number of blood clots in the expectorated sputum.

A chronic smoker's cough can accompany a person for dozens of years. Its full treatment and elimination becomes possible only after a person completely abandons this habit.

Morning smoker's cigarette

Cough smoker in the morning appears as a consequence of serious diseases of the human respiratory system. It arises as a result of prolonged use of nicotine. Gradually cough, manifested in the morning hours, acquires a protracted character. It is accompanied by secretions of phlegm, which has a brown or gray-green tinge and it is possible to include blood streaks in it.

With a morning cough, spasms in the ribs of such a force are possible, that after that the ribs ache for a week.

Morning cough causes toxic substances that are in the tobacco smoke, causing destruction of the mucous membrane of the bronchi and lungs. For a certain time after the appearance of such a cough, the condition of the smoker does not change significantly and the fact of coughing does not cause fear. In addition, the nature of the cough does not cause a person special anxiety, coughing is not obtrusive and does not cause suffocation. The main trouble begins after a person develops chronic bronchitis as a result of smoking.

Such a disease multiplies the risk of lung cancer by many times. The danger of this form of bronchitis is also that it practically does not respond to treatment. The applied methods of treatment give only temporary relief and are directed mainly at the symptoms of the disease, and not on the cause of its manifestation.

Morning cough can provoke not only the emergence of chronic bronchitis. In the case of a regular smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for fifteen years, a person is guaranteed to receive emphysema of the lungs. The manifestation of a smoker's cough in the morning also serves as an omen of the so-called "pulmonary heart".

How to get rid of a smoker's cough?

In order to get rid of the cough of a smoker, you first need to quit smoking. If you do not get rid of this addiction, coughing will never go away. In addition, to cure a smoker's cough, various types of medicines have been developed, as well as folk medicine.
To get rid of a smoker's cough, it is recommended to listen to the recommendations of your doctor and follow his advice on taking this or that remedy.

Cough for a smoker

To treat a smoker's cough can be various drugs, both related to traditional medicine, and traditional.

Tablets from a smoker's cough

Experts consider the most effective tablets against the cough of a smoker:

  1. Kodelak. The drug includes glycyrrhizic acid and ambroxol. The action of active substances significantly reduces the course of the inflammatory process and promotes an accelerated outflow of mucus.
  2. Endoklin. The use of these tablets provides an improvement in the general condition of the ciliated epithelium and accelerates the secretion from the light liquefied secretion. In addition, it provides a stimulating effect on the immune system of the whole organism.
  3. Fluimucil. Tablets with mucolytic action, reduce the overall viscosity of mucus, ensure its rapid removal from the cavity of the bronchi. This provides a qualitative improvement in the drainage function of the lungs.

In addition to these funds, pills with a strong antitussive effect, as well as mucolytic, expectorant and immunomodulating effects are used to eliminate the cough of a smoker.

Effective tablets from a smoker's cough

Effective tablets from a smoker's cough are Bronchogen tablets. Their use ensures the elimination of mucus from the bronchi and the intake of these tablets during the month helps to eliminate the smoker's cough. Also, the use of Fluimucil as a means of eliminating a smoker's cough has proved to be highly effective. Its use strengthens the immune system and also effectively removes phlegm from the bronchi.

In the case of non-productive cough from smoking it is recommended to use antitussive tablets. A similar type of cough is not accompanied by sputum discharge from the bronchi and lungs. Antitussive tablets inhibit the activity of the centers of cough, because of which, even in the case of irritation of certain receptors for the occurrence of a cough does not occur.

Symptoms of a smoker's cough

Cough syrup from a smoker

The smoker's cough syrup is widely used in recent years as a means of effectively eliminating this problem. Most often for the localization of cough and its subsequent elimination, the following drugs are used: Eucabal, Gedelix, Biocaliptol, Dr. Mom and the like.

Gedelix cough syrup helps to significantly slow down, and then completely eliminate inflammation in the respiratory system. The syrup quickly and qualitatively removes sputum from the lungs, often containing impurities of pus.

Assign cough syrup to the application should be in the volume of 5 milliliters, which is approximately equal to half a measuring cup or a teaspoonful. Take the syrup should be two times during the day. Do not take this syrup from a cough only because of the individual intolerance of the patient's body components and the presence of medical contraindications for use.

Folk remedies for smoker's cough

When treating a smoker's cough, it is best to simply part with this habit. If it is difficult to do so, it is recommended at least to reduce the cough from smoking. Numerous traditional medicine can help in this.

Herbs from a smoker's cough

When treating a smoker's cough, the effects of herbal infusions have a sufficient effect. In particular, it is possible to recommend the preparation of infusion from a dandelion with thyme. A teaspoon of thyme is added to a glass of pre-boiled water. Stuffed for a quarter of an hour under the lid. After that, you need to add one glass of freshly squeezed juice of a fresh dandelion. The use of an aqueous extract of this plant is allowed. Take infusion should be warm, at least twice during the day.

The use of thyme provides a qualitative cleaning of the lungs and bronchi, while ensuring a quality spasmolytic effect on the larynx. Dandelion medicinal is a source of mineral salts that are easily digested. At the same time, the toxins are quickly removed from the body, which accumulated in it.

Expectorant for cough for smokers

Getting rid of cough smokers is facilitated by the use of expectorants that have a plant basis. They increase the level of immune defense, promote the regeneration of affected tissues, soothe irritations of the mucous membrane. In addition, in parallel, they are able to treat colds.

The most optimal expectorant for cough for smokers is the licorice root. The tool is inexpensive and at the same time universal. Sputum expectoration is achieved through irritation of the receptors. The drug prevents the development of inflammation, strengthens the immune system.

In the form of tablets, it is not produced, since the drug has a purely vegetative basis. It is recommended for smokers to brew such a remedy together with tea, including thyme, oregano or althea roots. You can use licorice root during inhalations, and also chew dried medicinal roots acquired in the pharmacy.

A good expectorant against the cough of smokers is a drug in the form of Eucabal syrup. The drug is characterized by high antispasmodic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and protective characteristics. It includes in its composition thyme, sucrose, fructose, alcohol and plantain. The product is inexpensive, but it dissolves the quality and eliminates excess bronchial secretions.


Effective children's cough medicine

Children's effective medicinesChildhood illness is always fear and anxiety for parents. It would seem that yesterday your little one was running or crawling cheerfully, and in the morning woke up hot and capricious. The main problems in this case are faced by mothers, whose kids do not yet know how to talk. After all, complaining of a headache or a tickling in the throat of a baby can not yet. But if the child has a cough, then, of course, it can be seen right away. This childish symptom can not be confused with anything, and, in most cases, must be treated. How good and effective the treatment turns out depends on how well the children's medicines were selected.

Drugs for cough for children: in which cases can you do without special means

Children's cough medicineNewborn children often suffer from runny nose in the first months of life. This happens for various reasons. Some of them purify the respiratory tract after the mother's womb, some have congenital narrow Nasal passages, which eventually become standard size (about six to seven months).

In this case, cough medicine for children is not required, because this symptom arises because the baby can not blow his nose off himself and does not give his mother a good nose cleaning from mucus. As a result, the secret from the nasal sinuses partially falls into the pharynx, thus irritating the cough receptors. Children's breathing becomes whistling, wheezing and bubbling, which frightens inexperienced moms. They begin to feel that the child's cough is accompanied by wheezing from the lungs.

Effective good children's cough medicine for up to a year

The most difficult test for mom is a baby's disease for up to a year. Firstly, because she is very worried about the health and well-being of the crumbs, and secondly, because in pharmacies to her great surprise there is no suitable medicine. Specialists in the field of medicine recommend treating cough in children under one year with antiviral or antibiotic drugs. Assign them to a specialist only after taking the tests and identifying the cause of the appearance of this symptom.

If you still decide to give the children medicines for coughing dry, get in the pharmacy "Tantum Verde". This spray can not be given to children under three years of age, but some pediatricians allow it to be used for infants, reducing the minimum dose several times. Of course, you will not be able to accurately measure the required amount of the drug, therefore, a small amount of medicine can be splashed into a pacifier and given to her baby.

If you are looking for a cure for a child from a damp cough, use the drops "Gedelix." Before using them, you should also consult your doctor. Not bad in this case, also helps antiseptic "Miramistin as well as chamomile tea with a small number of dried leaves of plantain.

Effective medicine for a child from one to three years

Children's cough medicineIf the child is more than a year, Lazolvan, Ambroxol or Ambrobene can be used for his treatment. If the baby's cough is wet, these funds will help thin the sputum and remove it from the lungs or bronchi.

It is extremely important in this case not to engage in self-medication, but to visit or call a pediatrician at home. An experienced specialist will diagnose, in a diagnostic and laboratory way, which disease caused this symptom and prescribe the right treatment. Thus, with bronchitis or pneumonia, which develops very quickly in children with improper treatment, in addition to antitussive expectorants, antibiotics are also indicated.

Good children's cough medicine - nebulas for inhalation. This is Pulmecort and Berodual. For such a procedure, you need a special device - a nebulizer. Inhalations with these medicines can be done on saline or alkaline mineral water. If you do not have an inhaler, then you can hang a baby's neck around your neck with juniper oil, eucalyptus or tea tree.

Effective pediatric medicines for dry unproductive symptoms in this case are also practically absent. Among them, we can distinguish "Sinekod which suppresses coughing urges.

The best and best children's medicines after three years

Babies at the age of three, as well as adolescents, find it much easier to find good medications that help cope with this symptom. Most drugs according to the instructions can be taken from this age.

With a wet cough, you can give your baby expectorants, such as Broncholitin, Suprima-Broncho, and Herbion and Doctor MOM. With three years of crumbs, you can also take mucolytics, actively diluting sputum, and removing it from the lungs. This syrup "Lazolvan "Ambroxol as well as tablets "Mukoltin" and "Bromgeksin."

With a dry, unproductive childhood symptom, "Sinekod" and "Kodellak NEO" are prescribed.

What children's cough medicine is recommended by Komarovsky

Children's effective cough medicineThe pediatrician Komarovsky, known to many on transfers and online videos, has his own opinion about the effectiveness of one or another method of treating a child's cough. He believes that the excessive intake of drugs at such an early age is not only unreasonable, but also dangerous, because can seriously undermine the immunity of the baby, the restoration of which will later take a lot of time, effort and means.

Dr. Komarovsky recommends treating a child's cough with the help of herbal remedies. In pharmacies, they are sold everywhere, but are in most cases a lot. Meanwhile, components of these miraculous medicines from childhood ailments grow practically on all territory of our country, therefore, it is expedient to consider their acquisition in dried form. It's about violet, sage. And also pine buds and plantain. With the help of these ingredients, you can independently make medicines that will help cope with a child's cough.

Dr. Komarovsky also draws parents' attention to the fact that there is no remedy for this child's symptom. And there are various diseases that accompany dry or wet children's cough. Therefore, before you look for effective medicines in your pharmacy, you must visit a doctor. After all, children's cough is not always associated with respiratory diseases. It can indicate problems with the brain or central nervous system. Medicines for coughing in these cases are meaningless, since they either do not help or alleviate the condition for a while. At the same time, the children's organism can react unexpectedly and contradictorily to the senseless reception of these funds.


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