Prevention of cough

How to cure a cough: the causes and methods of treatment, depending on the form

  • In children and during pregnancy
  • At home
How to cure a cough

Cough - this is at the level of unconditioned reflex reduction of muscle fibers.

Methods aimed at how to cure cough, are divided into elimination of the main cause of the disease and the relief of symptoms.

Cough is caused by the physiological reaction of the body, aimed at cleansing the respiratory tract from pathological contents.

Epidemiological studies have shown that coughing is one of the most frequent manifestations among people of young and old age.

Symptom manifests a huge number of ailments, often combined with a common cold and pharyngitis. In the absence of adequate therapy is complicated by various conditions that can reduce a person's standard of living.

The main causes of cough:

  • postnasal flowing;
  • pathology of the heart muscle and blood lines;
  • inflammation of the pharynx and nasal cavity, which are neglected;
  • anomalies in the structure of the external and middle ear;
  • nervous shocks;
  • lack of oxygen, etc.

Granulose pharyngitis, characterized by pathological sprouting (vegetation) in the lumen of the bronchial tree, leads to irritation of the pharyngeal wall. Then the protracted strong cough does not recede. The old cough is inherent in chronic smokers who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day. As the obstructive changes in the bronchi progress, the respiratory function is disrupted, respiratory failure and dystrophic changes in the bronchial tissue increase.

The methods of cough treatment are divided depending on the disease, which was the cause of its appearance, the choice of medicine is made by the attending physician after a comprehensive examination. When suspected of bacterial invasion, antibiotics are prescribed.

Cough in children

Treatment Due to snot Wet Barking Before vomiting

Methods aimed at how to cure cough:

  • nonspecific measures;
  • therapy with modern pharmaceutical preparations;
  • surgical intervention;
  • people's councils.

Nonspecific activities are aimed at:

  • lifelong smoking cessation;
  • procedures aimed at the activation of protective and fortifying mechanisms;
  • neutralization of a substance that acts as an allergen;
  • humidification, ionization of air;
  • regular, frequent wet cleaning.

If there is nasal congestion, it is recommended to sleep with a raised head or tilt. This will not allow the mucus to go down beyond the nasopharynx. This approach is especially relevant for newborns, babies and breastfeeding mothers. With residual cough after a cold, preventive measures increase the rate of complete recovery.

Medical treatment has the following directions:

  • against the development of viruses;
  • antifungal;
  • antimicrobial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antiallergic;
  • bronchodilator.

Surgical treatment is used with the growth of pathological formations in the lumen of the respiratory tract by resection. The operations are performed with cysts, polyps, benign and malignant formations.

Often, the cause of cough is hyperplasia of the thyroid gland with compression of the trachea, thyroid surgery improves the symptoms of the disease. When foreign bodies of small sizes are hit, bronchoscopy is performed under visual control to carefully remove the object without traumatizing lung tissue. Treatment with folk remedies allows you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of coughing at home.

Cough in adults

Strong without temperature Prolonged smoking smoker

How to cure people's cough:

  • In equal amounts chop the leaves of currant, inflorescence of linden, root of dandelion. Complete (with a slide) a tablespoon of herbal raw material is placed in a thermos and poured 2 glasses of steep boiling water. Tightly screwed and left for all night. In the course of the next day, in equal portions we drink the received liquid, having first filtered it;
  • Connect a stack of water, 2 tbsp. a spoonful of granulated sugar, a large onion mashed in a mash. On low heat, let it simmer for a few minutes and let cool. When the mixture takes a room temperature, enter into it 2 poor spoons of May honey. Then it remains only to mix and take on a teaspoon up to six times a day;
  • Pass the peeled garlic through a press, put in gauze and squeeze a few drops of juice. You can squeeze directly into a tablespoon. Fill it up with warm milk and take it before going to bed. You can repeat the next morning;
  • May liquid honey and gruel from garlic are taken in equal proportions, mixed. Take a dessert spoon three times a day. The remedy is contraindicated to those who suffer from a stomach ulcer;
  • Inhalations steam. Their main goal is to create maximum conditions for increased outflow of phlegm, purification of all floors of airways.
How to cure a cough quicklyDry cough is a sign of flu-like conditions or a manifestation of an aggravation of allergic problems.

Dry cough is characterized by an uncomfortable chest character, a feeling of stitching and burning behind the sternum. When trachea is affected, a barking cough is common.

With dry cough, mucolytic drugs are shown. They are able to strengthen secretory glands. But it should be remembered that a modern class of mucolytics requires frequent fractional drinking. It is the increased use of fluid that is necessary for the increased work of goblet cells of the bronchial epithelium. Gargling with soda improves the outflow of pathological contents.

As the moist cough increases, the doctor prescribes expectorants for effective cleansing of the bronchi from sputum, warming compresses. If signs of bacterial infection appear, antibiotic medications are prescribed.

The main representatives of expectorant and mucolytic cough suppressants:

  • acetylcysteine ​​(Muko Sanigen, Mukobene, Mikomist, Mukonex);
  • carbocysteine ​​(Broncar, Bronhobox, Drill, Libexin muco);
  • ambroxol (Bronhoverne, Dephlegmine, Medovent, Mucosolvan, Lazolvan);
  • bromhexine (Bisolvon, Ascoril eksponorant, Kashnol, Mukovin).

Anti-cough drugs stop the transmission chain from the cough center to the respiratory muscles. A similar group of drugs is on a special account. With uncontrolled, prolonged, frequent use, it is possible to become addicted to medicines containing codeine, dionine, morphine, dextromethorphan.

Anti-cough non-narcotic drugs are used with a significant narrowing of the lumen of the bronchial tree, bronchospasm, developing as an exacerbation of bronchial asthma. Sometimes, with insufficient effectiveness of therapy for whooping cough, it is necessary to prescribe medicines of this group.

How to cure a cough quickly in a child and a woman during pregnancy

How to cure cough folk remediesCough in young children can be the first symptom of a bronchial asthma debut, the early diagnosis of which allows for timely treatment and control of the disease.Parents who ask about how to cure a cough quickly in a child should remember that when a spontaneous cough occurs, it is necessary to exclude aspiration of the foreign body.

If the child has the first cough and perspiration in the throat, parents should immediately turn to the pediatrician for a comprehensive examination. Methods of diagnosis include auscultation, rhinoscopy, blood tests, sputum and radiography. Treatment for colds must be complex, focused on the full elimination of excessive bronchial mucus and bacterial irritants. During the period of therapy and for effective prevention of exacerbations in the children's room, an air humidifier should be used to reduce the risk of drying out the bronchial mucosa.

Expectorants and mucolytic agents are prescribed for up to 14 days, always under the supervision of the doctor and parallel use of drops to narrow the lumen of the bloodstream. Washings of the throat and nasal cavities accelerate the rate of recovery by removing the pathogen from the surface of the mucous membrane.

Types of cough

Sputum with blood Night throat in the throat Green sputum

Treatment for bronchial asthma begins with the complete removal from the environment of the child allergen provoking attacks of bronchial obstruction. Then, as the disease progresses, the most simple bronchodilators are prescribed to expand the lumen of the bronchi as a basic therapy.

Prescriptions for medications are given by the attending physician, in case of frequent exacerbations the tactics of treating bronchial asthma change. The addition of new stronger drugs occurs gradually to adapt the child to the treatment.

How to cure a cough at homeIf there are signs of bronchospasm, when the baby starts to choke, the chest becomes barrel-shaped and increasing respiratory insufficiency, immediate emergency help should be called forth.While waiting for a medical team, you can use bronchodilators in inhalers, with laryngospasm being in the bathroom with steam from hot water.

If you are interested in how to cure a cough quickly during pregnancy, the features and treatment are taken into account by the attending physician to select the most optimal methods without risk to the health of the fetus. Coughing of pregnant women is dangerous by increasing the tone of the uterus and the risk of premature birth on late terms.

In chronic prolonged cough, antitussive drugs are prescribed very carefully, taking into account the individual characteristics of the woman and the potential risk to the fetus. Selecting drugs that have been clinically tested among pregnant women and have a proven level of safety.

With asthmatic conditions or a severe allergic reaction, immediate administration of antihistamines begins.Assign them in tandem with bronchodilators to facilitate breathing and eliminate symptoms of coughing.

Expectorants and mucolytic drugs have fewer side effects, are used to treat pregnant women and nursing mothers. Derivatives of ambroxol stimulate the production of the pulmonary enzyme in the fetus, which is necessary for normal breathing outside the mother's womb.

How to cure cough at home: folk remedies, prevention

How to cure cough folk remediesMeans of traditional medicine - highly effective in the treatment of cough.

Therefore, many people with this pathology are wondering: how to cure a cough at home?Let's start with expectorants, the nerve endings of the bronchial tree.

Natural herbal infusions and decoctions, for example, from the bark of oak, chamomile, St. John's wort, reduce the activity of inflammation and reduce the synthesis of anti-inflammatory compounds in the epicenter of the lesion. It is useful from strong infusions of anti-inflammatory herbs to rinse the throat. Manipulation will help to destroy the pathogenic flora in the throat, which will help reduce the risk of deterioration.

Means for coughing

Erespal Pulmicort ACC Children's dry medicine Cameton Althae Syrup Gedelix syrup Pertussin Herbionum Mucolytic agents Syrup for babies Sinecod Syrup for children Milk with soda Cake for children Tablets with thermopsis Licorice root during pregnancy Licorice syrup From dry cough in adults

At home, steam inhalations are carried out over boiled potatoes or chamomile broth, which stimulates blood circulation, deeply warms the airways. Inhalations are performed with catarrhal conditions to eliminate symptoms of wet and dry cough.

It should be remembered that the procedure is contraindicated if the mercury column of the thermometer is selected to the level of 38 g. Celsius. Extracts of herbal plants during inhalations act directly on goblet cells, increasing the secretion of sputum, secreting into the lumen of the bronchi, stimulating its retreat and volume.

Prevention of cough has several directions.

Prevention of seasonal cough, when colds and airborne infections thrive, is to minimize contact with potential carriers of the pathogenic flora. Avoid crowded places, enclosed spaces, public transport.

Precautions should be taken as a rule for pregnant women and children under one year. Do not forget about the schedule of vaccinations. The Mantoux reaction will be able to point in time to the development of a specific infection, and if necessary start a timely specific therapy.

Prevention of the development of bronchial asthma in children is:

  • relief of allergy symptoms;
  • observance by the mother of a strict diet during breastfeeding;
  • control over diathesis and food allergy;
  • elimination of respiratory allergens from the environment of the child.

Prevention for the importunate cough of a smoker is a lifelong refusal of smoking. The longer you smoke, the more irreversible the process of sclerosis becomes and the rigidity of the bronchial tree increases with the smoker's bronchitis. Nicotine and harmful tar, settling from the inner surface of the airways, become the ancestors of viscous, sticky mucus.

It has a yellowish tinge, is evacuated outside with a nauseous, bothersome cough. It is the regular smoking of tobacco products that triggers the growth of cancer tumors of any localization, but most often they are topographically located in the organs of the chest and lungs.

Effective cough medicine for adults. Medications for nebulizer with cough

Coughing can not always be a symptom of the disease, it is an important defensive reflex of the body, which makes it possible to get rid of sputum and foreign bodies in the airways. When to start treatment and which cough medicine should be taken better, you should ask the doctor. After all, the most expensive drug is not always the most effective. If you understand, sometimes the best is just a cough medicine, the price of which varies within reasonable limits.

cough medication cure


The disease can be caused by a number of negative factors. A sudden cough reflex helps to clear the throat and respiratory passage from foreign particles, microbes that irritate the mucous membranes. By its nature, it is both involuntary and intentional. There are three phases of the cough reflex:

  • inhalation;
  • The forced exhalation with the closed voice gap which is in an average part of a throat;
  • When opening the glottis, an explosive release of air occurs, so the cough has a characteristic sound.

The cause of the disease are respiratory tract infections, such as a cold or flu. Viruses can settle in the body and show up with various symptoms in a few days. Smoking also belongs to the category of the most common causes of the appearance of a cough with a characteristic sound, which is called "smoker's cough". In this case, the disease is chronic and poorly treatable. Asthma often develops in childhood and includes characteristic wheezing, which makes it easy to identify the disease. Severe forms of asthma require long-term treatment, otherwise the disease takes a chronic form and stays with the person until the end of life.

Other factors that cause a cough reflex include damage to the vocal cords, bacterial infections (pneumonia, whooping cough, bronchitis), pulmonary embolism, heart failure, gastro-food reflux, as well as psychological problems and some medications.

Classification of the disease

Before choosing a cough medicine for adults, you should determine what type of cough it is. Distinguish the following types of manifestation of the disease:

  • acute - appears suddenly and lasts up to 2-3 weeks;
  • subacute - this type can last from 3 to 8 weeks;
  • chronic - persists for more than 8 weeks;
  • wet, moist or productive - flows with the formation of sputum, rising up the respiratory tract;
  • dry or unproductive - an agonizing barking cough, in which no sputum is formed;
  • night - occurs only at night, during sleep of the patient.

Correctly identified type of ailment will allow to choose an effective cough medicine for adults, which will quickly remove the symptoms of the disease and ease the patient's condition.

Diagnosis of the disease

Typically, an experienced doctor determines the nature of the disease, referring to his medical experience, but sometimes additional diagnostic tests may be required. Before deciding which cough medicine is better in this or that case, it is necessary to exclude diseases of internal organs (heart, stomach, thyroid), which provoke an involuntary contraction of the lungs, diaphragms and cause the disease.

wet cough medication

Additional diagnostic tests include sputum specimens, chest X-ray, spirometry and the like. Cough infectious nature is treated with certain drugs, for bacterial use completely different medications. If, for example, a patient is diagnosed with asthma, the patient is prescribed specific drugs.

Than to treat an infectious cough

Infectious, or viral, cough has its own characteristics. Usually it develops suddenly, within 1-2 days, and can be quite irritating. Additional signs include headache, malaise, sometimes fever. In some cases, the infection affects not only the airways, but also the nasopharynx, then the symptoms are connected with a runny nose. The medicine for the throat and cough in this case should be aimed at combating the viral infection. Relieving the symptoms, as long as the immune system will get rid of the infection, will promote the use of drugs "Paracetamol", "Ibuprofen" or "Aspirin." They will help reduce heat, reduce the manifestation of pain. Prices for such drugs are low and range from 150-300 rubles. Before taking such a cough medicine during pregnancy, you should carefully study the instructions so as not to harm the future baby.

cough and throat medicine

During treatment the patient should receive a plentiful drink to prevent dehydration and, as grandmothers like to say, "wash out" the infection from the body. An important component of treatment will be giving up smoking (if this harmful habit takes place). Tobacco smoke not only provokes the disease, but also aggravates its course. Do not use any medicine for dry coughing for adults. Sucking candies will help to remove irritation and sore throat. Antibiotics are usually not recommended, since they do not kill a viral infection.

Treatment of bacterial cough

Medications for bronchitis and cough are aimed at diluting sputum and improving the process of its withdrawal. A bacterial disease is a complication of a viral infection when a secondary infection with microbes (bacteria) occurs. Such phenomena can lead to the development of bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, pleurisy and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In this case, the most effective cough drug for adults, called an antibiotic, is prescribed. It is necessary to eliminate bacterial infection, the symptoms of which are characterized by fever, fatigue, weakness, pain in the chest, heavy breathing, which is often accompanied by whistling and wheezing. If the cough lasts a long time, then there may be blood in the sputum. Unfortunately, the bacteria adapt very well, prolonged use of antibiotics makes them more resistant to various therapies. In inpatient treatment, patients are prescribed medications for bronchitis and cough in various combinations of drugs in order to obtain more effective results of therapy.

It is important to remember that all antibiotics should be used for their intended purpose. The effect of these drugs on the body with time weakens. If the prescribed course of treatment is not completed, the likelihood of drug-resistant strains of microorganisms will increase. That is why it is very important to continue treatment with antibiotics as much as prescribed by the attending physician, without stopping therapy after the disappearance of the symptoms.

Productive or unproductive?

A productive, or wet, cough is often useful, because it helps the lungs and bronchi to get rid of mucus and sputum, so it does not make any sense to suppress it. In more serious cases, the doctor may prescribe a special cough medicine with sputum in order to improve the process of its excretion and to facilitate breathing to the patient.

Dry, or unproductive, cough is characterized by painful symptoms: a sensation of continuous perspiration in the throat, headaches and pains in the trachea (or bronchi). Sputum is not formed, which prevents the patient from clearing his throat.

Cures for bronchitis and cough

The medicine for dry coughing for adults should help to soften it and remove the formed sputum. As soon as it starts to separate, we can assume that the recovery is already close, and until this time the infection will be firmly "sitting" in the airways. Which one to choose a cough medicine for adults, largely depends on the cause of its appearance (infection, allergy and so on). In the allergic nature of the disease, the patient is prescribed antihistamines, with viral - antiviral drugs, and for bacterial - antibiotics. To drugs that alleviate the symptoms of the disease and improve the process of expectoration, include funds "Bromgeksin", "Ambroxol", "Mukaltin" and other mucolytics. If the symptoms of the disease are so painful that they interfere with sleeping, the best cure for dry coughing for adults is suppressive drugs that suppress the cough reflex. They include medicines "Folkodin", "Kodterpin", "Sinekod" and others. Very useful for non-productive cough milk with the addition of baking soda, mineral water "Borjomi" or any other natural mineral water. A good expectorant is syrups and medicines, for example, the preparation "Broncholitin", plantain syrup, althaea root, ivy.

Cough medicines with sputum are called expectorants. They facilitate the passage of mucus from the bronchi and lungs and facilitate its rapid excretion. Taking expectorants is necessary if a large amount of thick mucus is produced. To this category of drugs, such as cough medicines with sputum, include tablets and syrups "Lazolvan", "Prospan", "Givalex", "Flavamed", "ATSTS" and others. Prices for medicines range from 250-400 rubles. The same remedy can not be taken for a long period, as the body may become addicted to this drug, and treatment will become ineffective. Useful walks in the fresh air, copious drinking and inhalation, if a wet cough is diagnosed. The medications that the patient takes are to be prescribed by the doctor, since self-medication can have bad consequences.

Treatment during pregnancy

During pregnancy, any treatment should be treated with great care, and coughing is no exception. Of course, expecting the birth of a baby, a woman should take care of her health and try not to get sick. In case of illness, one should not engage in self-medication, because the best cough medicine for pregnancy is that which does not harm the child. As a rule, future mothers prefer folk medicine, but there are also some pitfalls. The fact is that not all medicinal plants are equally useful: some of them may be poisonous or toxic. Before beginning treatment for cough during pregnancy, you should always consult with your doctor about the appropriateness and safety of taking these or other medications. Of the medications that are sold in the pharmacy, you can use syrup of althea root and plantain, syrups "Prospan", "Givalex", "Erespal".

cough medicine for pregnancy

Folk recipes

A safe medicine for the throat and cough for pregnant women is home-made lollipops. The only contraindication to the use of therapeutic candies (or to reduce their number) is an increased level of sugar in the blood. To prepare medicinal candies, you need to mix the sugar with the broth of thyme. Proportions for mixing: 300 grams of sand 100 ml of broth. Dissolve the sugar in the broth of thyme, pour into enameled dishes and put on fire. Cook the syrup for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. As soon as the mass begins to solidify, spoon it into silicone molds for ice. Such candies can be absorbed throughout the day, the cough will pass by the end of the first - the maximum of the second day of treatment.

The cough medicine, the price of which is relatively small, is also prepared at home. For pregnant women, this remedy is the safest and no less effective. To make it, you need one liter of milk and 1 large carrot. Carrots cleaned, cut into 2-3 parts, put in milk and put on a slow fire to languish. When the milk boil half, it should be filtered, cooled and dripped during the day in small portions in a warm form.

Use of nebulizer in the treatment of cough

A nebulizer is a device that is used to deliver a medicine directly into the respiratory tract to the lungs. He does this by converting the liquid medicine into an aerosol that can be easily inhaled.

drugs for nebulizer with cough

Medications for nebulizer for cough include:

  • Inhaled corticosteroids - drugs that reduce inflammation in the respiratory pass, which is due to its edema;
  • bronchodilators - drugs used in the treatment of asthma;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, but do not control the symptoms of allergic asthma.

Prevention of cough in adults

cough for adults

If a person has a cough, treatment, drugs not only produce a positive effect, but also have a negative effect on the body: they undermine the immune system. Rather, it will deal with preventive measures and strengthen immunity to prevent disease. Preventive measures include the following:

  • It should avoid hypothermia, wear warm clothes in the cold season.
  • It is often necessary to wash your hands during the cold season and infectious diseases. This will help prevent the spread of the virus that causes the cough.
  • Avoid contact with people who have symptoms of colds or infectious diseases, of course, if possible.
  • Refuse to smoke any tobacco products (including hookah). A dry, jerky "smoker's cough" means that a person's lungs are constantly irritated. This circumstance can lead not only to any complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia, but also to more serious oncological problems.
  • It is important to avoid exposure to tobacco smoke (so-called "passive smoking") at home, at work, in public places.
  • Increase the amount of fluid consumed per day. This will keep the level of mucus in the respiratory tract within normal limits and prevent dehydration of the body.
  • During the cold season and infectious diseases, you should be vaccinated against the flu every year.

Cough prophylaxis


Valery Dfkthmtdbx

Consult a qualified technician.


Do not drink cold drinks, do not overcool, keep your feet and neck warm.


Use honey and caress chamomile or calendula.

Maria Zinchenko

Cough is one of the symptoms of a viral infection, so you need to do not just prevent cough, but prevent the disease itself. For prophylaxis we have a gel Viferon, I smear myself and children with a nasal mucosa before leaving the house. The gel creates a protective film and prevents the virus from penetrating into the body and thus provoking the disease. And the gel has a light texture, so it does not stick together the epithelium (hairs in the nose), which are also responsible for protecting and preventing viral infections. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, hardening, vitamins - also work well as the prevention of viral infections and coughing as well. Therefore, I believe that it is important to take a comprehensive approach to the issue of preventing viral infections and coughing, among other things. And a healthy lifestyle and other items should be regular and daily, then it will be useful.

Russian-speaking non-Russian

Sure sure.

Cough - treatment and prevention

We all know what a cough is. Treatment of this, accompanying almost any colds, the ailment sometimes comes to extremes. We take a handful of tablets, various syrups, do annoying inhalations, but still often nothing really helps. Also, cough is one of the main reflexes of the body, helping us to get rid of particles of dust and dirt that have settled or just fallen into the lungs. With a cold, the body uses a cough to get rid of excess sputum.

What kinds of coughing can happen?

Incredibly, but we all know that coughing is sometimes useful. This reflex really helps to remove phlegm from the lungs when we get sick. But only the wet cough that we discussed above is useful. The presence of a dry cough in the patient creates a lot of unpleasant sensations. With poor prophylaxis, it can easily turn into a throat cough - treatment of this kind is very unpleasant, up to the fact that you have to go to the hospital, because there may be a suspicion of a strong bronchitis. Also, with poor prophylaxis after the illness, it is possible that you will develop a chronic cough - treatment of this type The cough is very difficult, since it can manifest periodically, then fading, then starting with a redoubled force.

Therefore, when you catch a cold and feel that cough begins, treatment should be started only after you understand what type you are. After all, it is not a disease, it is just an initial, concomitant or terminal symptom of the underlying disease, for example, influenza. But it can also give you to understand that you develop some kind of disease or just an allergic reaction.

The main point is that with the disease, the main efforts should be directed to treatment itself illness, but cough, the treatment of which is often mistaken, should be prevented with special medications. Doctors basically recommend various antitussives, which most effectively cope with the problem. These can be tablets, a variety of cough syrups. At the same time, it is absolutely undesirable to take strong antibiotics with cough symptoms. If a person falls ill, for example, with pneumonia, high fever has risen, various accompanying symptoms have appeared, including number and described, then first take an antibiotic, and only then a variety of antitussive and temperature-lowering agents.

In order to still sort out what type of cough, for example, you have, consider its main types:

1. If a person is sick with the flu, then the cough is hoarse and dry at the beginning of the illness, and further during its development it gradually becomes wet, with sputum secretion.

2. When a tracheitis disease cough is very painful, with the discharge of purulent sputum.

3. With various viral infections, a deaf, low cough appears. He accompanies the patient from the first to the last day of illness.

4. In case of bronchitis, a loud violent cough begins, accompanied by an abundance of sputum. Its consistency with the course of the disease is constantly changing.

5. And finally, pneumonia. During this illness, the most unpleasant and most painful cough begins, accompanied by abundant sputum. And the pain is felt all the time on the side of the sick lung.

Methods of treatment

With improper or untimely cough treatment, it can cause a variety of chronic diseases. For example, chronic bronchitis. Or even go into pneumonia, which is very bad.

To date, there are a huge number of drugs with which you can cure a cough.

Do not delay this, and then you will be able to conduct a high-quality prevention of the disease and avoid possible complications.

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