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Analysis for testosterone in women - indications and preparation for the conduct, interpretation and indicators of the norm

What is testosterone The body of a man and a woman produces thousands of different hormones per day, responsible for the work of different body systems. Testosterone refers to sex hormones from the androgen class and has a steroid nature. In men, the testes and hypothalamus meet the synthesis of this biological substance. In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands, a small part of the hormone produces the liver. For what the hormone testosterone meets in women...

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Complete characterization of hemorrhagic stroke: symptoms and treatment

From this article you will learn: what is hemorrhagic stroke, seven types of illness. Symptoms and treatment. Article content: What is this disease? Types of hemorrhagic strokes Causes of development and risk factors Symptoms and manifestations Diagnosis Stages of treatment, modern methods and drugs The newest directions in the treatment of hemorrhagic stroke Prevention, prognosis, outcomes Hemorrhagic stroke is an acute cerebral hemorrhage due to r...

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A complete description of atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels: causes, treatment, prognosis

From this article you will learn: how and why there is a development of atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, the manifestations and consequences of pathology, what methods of treatment exist, and how effective they are. The essence and stages of the disease The causes and risk factors for atherosclerosis Symptoms, possible complications Diagnostic methods Current treatment Forecast Atherosclerosis of vessels in the brain - narrowing or clogging of cholesterol pla...

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Temperature, diarrhea and abdominal pain

Contents Causes of the appearance of unpleasant symptoms Surgical diseases Infectious lesions of the digestive tract Diagnostic measures for abdominal pain Prevention Related videos Soreness in the abdominal cavity can occur for many reasons. But with some diseases there is a triad of symptoms: temperature, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Many people cope with the pathology on their own, but there are times when medical care is simply necessary, duri...

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Ankle And Foot

Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint: what is it? exercises, rehabilitation

Content1Rehabilitation after arthroscopy of the shoulder joint1.1Causes of pain in the shoulder1.2Surgical procedure1.3Features of the rehabilitation period1.4Exercise stress1.5Advantages of arthroscopy2Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint: minimally invasive treatment of shoulder pain2.1Advantages of arthroscopy of the shoulder joint2.2Readers often study together with this material:2.3The editor has found for you two more interesting materials:2.4Preparing for an operation2.5Arthroscopy of the...

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Mucolytics with genyantema

Sprays from genyantritisGenyantritis is one of the varieties of sinusitis, which manifests itself in the form of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses (on the x-ray photo the disease looks like their darkening). A good tool to fight the disease are sprays from sinusitis in vials with special nebulizers. Preparations having this form of release are considered more effective than drops or solutions. What are their benefits and what kind of nasal spray is best used in genyantritis?Advantages of ...

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Reference Book Of Medicines

At what pressure Indapamide is prescribed: instructions for use

Indapamide is a diuretic drug of the thiazide group, which possesses an antihypertensive, vasodilating and diuretic (diuretic) action.The drug is used in the treatment of arterial hypertension, thiazide-like and thiazide diuretics are widely used in antihypertensive therapy. They are used as first-line drugs both in monotherapy and as part of combined treatment, their use contributes to a marked improvement in cardiovascular prognosis.On this page you will find all information about Indapamid...

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Onion from cough recipe

Onions with cough sugar: effective recipesThe recipe for onions with cough sugars helps in the treatment of many colds. With the manifestation of a cough, everyone had to fight. Do not consider cough as an independent unit of ailment, with the help of it there is a protective reaction of the human body. He is just one of the symptoms.How to treat a cough?Cough accompanied by various colds. This unpleasant sensation does not give rest to the patient for days. It does not allow you to eat, slee...

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Ascoril from what kind of cough dry or wet

Cough syrup AsorilAscoril is a curing drug for bronchodilator, expectorant action, which includes guaifenesin, bromhexine and salbutamol. Salbutamol has a stimulating effect on the receptors, which are found in the bronchi, in the vessels and the uterus. Due to such receptors, the vital capacity of the lungs is established and the normal dilatation of the heart arteries occurs. Bromhexine is responsible for liquefaction of the pulmonary fluid and accelerates the process of its elimination. Gu...

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Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and spine

Content1Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine1.1Diseases and injuries1.2Classes1.3The development of flexibility1.4Relief of low back pain1.5Classes for the neck1.6Shoulder girdle1.7Eastern recovery2A set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and spine at home (video lesson)2.1Why is it necessary to strengthen the muscles of the back?2.2How to prevent back pain?2.3Wellness complex for diseases2.4Wellness preventive complex for children3Exercises to strengthen the muscl...

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