How to make a rejuvenating face cucumber mask at home

The desire to keep the skin fresh and smooth for a long time is quite feasible, thanks to such a simple product as a cucumber.

Why visit expensive beauty salons, spend hours in the stuffy rooms among strangers, risk their health.

When you can use fresh, fresh cucumber, grown with your own hands.

Contents of the article:

Undisputed use
  • Mechanism of skin exposure
  • Can cause an allergic reaction
  • Best masks - recipes
  • Secrets of positive action
  • Undeniable benefits of

    Today, practically every family has a summer cottage or garden, and this is an additional plus,vegetables are much better and safer than those brought from foreign territories.

    Made on the basis of a cucumber mask for the face, favorably affects the skin, cleaning and healing it.

    If facial masks bought in stores sometimes benefit only after repeated use, then cucumber, made at home, act instantly.

    And what other advantages do these tools have? Here, the main ones are:

    1. Make the face fresh and tone the skin.
    2. As a part of cucumber masks there are many useful vitamins:
      • ascorbic acid,
      • vitamins of group B;
      • many chemical elements,
      • in which the skin needs so much - phosphorus, sodium, fluorine, iron, iodine and others.

    3. Eliminate the excessive shine of the fatty skin.
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    5. Smooth wrinkles( how to remove deep ones on the forehead at home), remove redness.
    6. Actively fighting acne( how to help laundry soap read in this article).
    7. Remove pigment spots, whiten freckles( how to get rid of them on the face).
    8. Make a face younger, which is provided by the action of silicon dioxide.
    9. The skin becomes tender and soft to the touch.
    10. Bring sufficient moisture to the skin.
    11. Provide nutrients.
    12. Narrow pores.

    Mechanism of skin exposure

    Each vitamin contained in a cucumber has a positive effect on the skin.

    1. Retinol( vitamin A), eliminates peeling, does not allow the skin to dry out.
    2. Thiamin( B1) regains youth and protects the skin from negative environmental influences.
    3. Riboflavin( B2) provides breathing cover.
    4. Pantothenic acid( B5) fights with young superficial wrinkles.
    5. Pyridoxine( B6) improves the process of metabolism in skin cells.
    6. Folic acid( B9) prevents the appearance of acne.
    7. Ascorbic acid( C) maintains smoothness and elasticity.
    8. Tocopherol( E) updates the cells.
    9. Biotin( H) restores tissues that have been damaged.
    10. Phylloquinone( C) bleaches and fights with swelling.
    11. Niacin( PP) gives the skin a natural fresh color.

    Can cause an allergic reaction

    Cucumber, rarely causes allergies when it is used, but reaction is not excluded. Of course, the risks increase at times, if the mask contains other components, for example, honey.

    In order not to become a hostage of unpleasant consequences, before using the product, it is necessary to check your skin for susceptibility to allergies.

    For this, a little mask should be applied to the elbow bend. If the skin appears redness, the mask is better to refuse.

    If everything is clean and does not bother, you can safely apply the recipe.

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    The best masks - recipes

    To prepare a mask based on cucumber, take the flesh of the vegetable and the juice allocated to it.

    If you are concerned about freckles, or if there are areas affected by pigment spots on your face, you can simply wipe these places with cucumber slices.

    It's not worth hurry: let the fresh juice penetrate into the skin and saturate it well.

    Leave the circles on the face for 10 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

    To wipe with a towel it is not necessary, it is enough to get wet slightly to remove excessive moisture.

    Perfectly refreshes the mask from slices of cucumber .
    Before application, the face should be washed.

    Slices should be without peel. Put them on the surface of the face, excluding the eyes, wait 30 minutes. Try not to frown, not to smile.

    After the specified time, the slices can be removed.

    It is not difficult to get rid of dark circles under the eyes of with the help of cucumber skin.

    It is put on the inside for an inner side, left for 15 minutes.

    It is desirable that the peel is cold - for this, put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

    Do not wash your face after the procedure.

    For dry and normal skin a cucumber mask with the addition of sour cream is suitable. You will need a medium-sized cucumber.

    It should be rubbed into a gruel, then squeezed in gauze to juice, add two tablespoons of sour cream and mix well.

    After that, the mixture should be spread on the face, and after a quarter of an hour wash.3-4 times a week - the permissible frequency of using such a mask.

    In the absence of allergies, make a face mask from, for example, buckwheat honey( use) and cucumber.
    Otherwise, the yolk is suitable. The recipe includes:

    • fresh cucumber,
    • honey and lemon juice( a teaspoonful).

    Cucumber three on grater, free of liquid.
    We connect the gruel with lemon juice and honey.
    Stir and the mask is ready.
    Carefully wash my face, dry it.
    The mask is applied with a thin layer and leaves for 20 minutes.
    Be sure to flush .

    If the skin shines , fats, and if its type is combined, the best option is a mask of cucumber and yogurt.

    To a grated cucumber is added yogurt in a volume of 3-4 spoonfuls.

    It is important for that yogurt be ordinary, classic, without fillers and sweeteners.

    The mixture should be smeared face, and after 15 minutes wash it.

    Mask from the egg white .
    To make it, you need a cucumber juice and raw egg white.

    Protein is beaten, but not much, is combined with cucumber juice from the calculation of one serving of protein to two servings of juice.

    Next, apply the product on face for 15 minutes and rinse.

    Output pimples will help the following mask.
    A grated cucumber is combined with an egg protein, slightly whipped with a fork.

    The mixture is flavored with a few drops of olive oil.
    Everything is mixed and applied to the face.
    After 20 minutes the mask is washed off.

    Another recipe for a mask that works against acne and pimples includes blue clay.

    Scrub the uncooked cucumber, add a spoonful of Cambrian blue clay.

    On the face, leave the mask until the mixture has hardened, and then wash it off.

    Another option - first to smear the face with clay, and already spread the cucumber round cucumbers.

    Aspirin, in conjunction with a cucumber, gives an effect similar to what happens after lymphatic drainage massage. To make the mask you will need:

    • untreated cucumber,
    • aspirin in tablets( 2 pieces),
    • chamomile broth( dry mix can be bought at the pharmacy).

    Grated cucumber and aspirin thoroughly mix, then add a spoonful of broth. Kashitsa will resemble a scrub, since it contains undissolved particles of aspirin.

    The mask is rubbed into the skin of the face, as if massaging it.
    10 minutes a person rests, after which the remedy can be washed off.

    If you have allergies to ascorbic acid instead of aspirin, you can take calcium gluconate in tablets, which is pre-grinded into crumbs.

    A grated cucumber, fresh strawberry gruel and one spoonful of cream in the mix give the remedy, counteracts the formation of red spots on the skin of the .

    The mask lasts 20 minutes, after - it is washed off.

    Cucumber with sauerkraut act as a whitening mixture. For cooking, you need half a cucumber and a couple of spoons of cabbage.

    It's a good idea to add an egg, beaten with a fork, into the mask. Before applying the product, the face should be cleaned of contamination. Mask keep a quarter of an hour, then rinse.

    Secrets of the positive action of

    In order for the mask to give an effect, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules:

    1. Cucumber beforehand to cool, placing in the refrigerator.
    2. Use only a cleanly washed vegetable.
    3. The mask is applied in the lying position, so that the pieces of cucumber do not fall from the face, and the skin relaxes.
    4. You can get juice from a cucumber not only with the help of a juicer, but also by squeezing a vegetable with gauze.
    5. You can wash yourself in the morning with a cucumber solution( wipe the cucumber and fill with water).
    6. If the mask is applied to the eyelids, do not hold it for more than 15 minutes.
    7. Cucumber slices or cucumbers are kept on the face for up to 25-30 minutes.
    8. You do not need to rinse the cucumber juice, as it is absorbed into the skin.

    Even young skin can face a number of problems: the formation of pigment spots, blackheads, high fat content.

    Aging - faces wrinkles( for reviews on applying anti-wrinkle grape oil read here), flabbiness, turns yellow.

    Masks based on cucumber will help to keep the young skin taut for a long time, and youth and freshness will return fading.

    We offer you to watch a master class on preparing a rejuvenating facial mask from cucumber and lemon.