How to quickly cure nail fungus on legs with folk remedies

Probably, many heard about nail fungus, but often did not give it due attention, which led to unpleasant consequences in the future.

The article is aimed at providing detailed information on the ways of infection, possible treatment with folk remedies and prevention of fungal nail infection.

      • Total hygiene

    Risk zone

    As a rule, all kinds of fungi affecting the skin surface of feet and nail plates are divided intotwo groups: called Trichophyton interdigitale and Trichophyton rubrum .

    In the second case, the fungus can spread not only over the nail, but also get on the folds of the skin between the fingers and the sole of the foot.

    Let's consider the reasons provoking the given disease.

    • Various types of light skin lesions( cracks or small wounds) in places of high sweating or, conversely, dryness.
    • Wearing unsuitable shoes.
    • Consequence of existing diseases of the vascular or endocrine system, as well as varicose v
    • Severe supercooling, weakening immunity.
    • Work in chemical plants or activities related to the mining of minerals.
    • Strong stress.

    Often, such a diagnosis is given to athletes and servicemen.

    You can get infected with a fungus when you are in direct contact with a sick person. It is worth to be afraid of personal things that are prone to the disease, so you can not use the clothes of a man who has a fungus.

    There is a considerable probability of infection in public places characterized by high temperature and humidity:

    • pools,
    • saunas and the like.

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    Clinical processes and symptoms

    The main substance that is part of the nail is keratin - an excellent medium for the development of fungi. After getting into it, the fungus gradually increases.

    Often the onset of the disease is manifested only by the lesion of the skin folds: small cracks, peeling appear on them.

    After a while, the skin begins to turn red and itch.

    Also the symptoms of the disease described by us can be the following things:

    • nail color change;
    • roughness of the nail plate;
    • change in the shape or thickness of the nail plate.

    The skin around the nail almost always becomes inflamed, and after thickening the nail plate it becomes more difficult to cut.

    As a rule, the nail begins to exert pressure on the lower part of the finger, which causes extremely painful sensations when walking and wearing shoes.

    Folk ways to fight with fungus

    Instead of telling how to fight fungus at home, and what our article is aimed at, we will briefly consider popular recipes for getting rid of an unpleasant disease.

    Tips and recipes for

    # 1. You need to rub garlic, mixing it with butter. Regularly lubricate this mixture with fungal affected areas.

    You can do otherwise:

    • cut the cloves of garlic into several parts,
    • dip into salt, wipe the infected places.

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    • Add one or more teaspoons of salt to a liter of water, then treat your feet with this solution daily.

    №2 . Every day, apply one drop of iodine to the affected areas.

    For 5-7 days you should feel pain and burning around the nails, however, it's not worth it.

    Because this is the sign that the fungus is dying. If the pain becomes unbearable, then apply the remedy less often.

    No. 3 .Use ashberry leaves( always fresh).Rub them and attach them to the diseased area. Repeat the procedure every day.

    No. 4 .Dip the usual cotton swab into the alcohol tincture of propolis..Wipe the infected area. Repeat once a day.

    No. 5 .Make a special ointment from the following components:

    • dimethyl phthalate, in the amount of one teaspoon,
    • vinegar in the same amount,
    • raw chicken egg.

    This ointment should be rubbed into the nail, leaving it there for the night. It is advisable to put on a package and warm socks.

    If you are lucky enough to become the owner of a severe form of fungus, then apply this compress( once a day, updating it) is better, generally, continuously.

    The duration of the procedure is 3-4 days .Do not forget that the ointment should be stored in the refrigerator.

    No. 6 .Use the tea mushroom.
    Tear off a small piece of it, then mash it, not forgetting to remove the mushroom film.

    The resulting mush should be rubbed 2-3 times a day in diseased skin areas.

    No. 7 .Make the tea according to the following recipe:

    • 8 grams of violet tri-color,
    • 8 grams of dropsy,
    • 10 grams of string.

    It is necessary to insist it in the area of ​​30-35 minutes. Take four times a day for two tablespoons.

    No. 8 .Lather the bandage with green soap, and then wrap a sick nail around it.

    In the morning, rinse this product and make a new compress. Naturally, this must be done every day.

    # 9. Take:

    • three spoons of the oak bark,
    • two spoons of marigold.
    • one spoonful of celandine,
    • two spoons of lilac flowers,
    • dissolve everything in 500 grams of water.

    In this mixture, wash your feet every day.

    No. 10 .Take a leaf of a golden mustache and create on it such pressure that the juice is allocated.

    Then steal your nail, wrapping it with a leaf that has already started the juice.

    By morning the nail should soften, due to which, it will be easy to cut.

    No. 11 .Prepare a porridge of iodinol and celandine powder.

    Apply it to the nail as a compress every day. As a rule, after a week, the fungus must pass.

    Prevention of fungal lesions

    Of course, it is better not to bring to the above described at all, adhering to certain recommendations that will help you avoid this disease.

    The need to avoid close contact with the patient is already mentioned at the beginning of the article

    Total hygiene

    From time to time, you need to carefully disinfect the nail clippers, accessories for manicure and the like.

    If you have a sick person in your apartment or house, it is necessary to wash the floors daily, and in cleaning, pay special attention to the bathroom.

    Periodically, it is worth qualitatively disinfecting shoes. As a rule, formalin( 25%) and simple vinegar( 6%) are used for this.

    They must be mixed in equal quantities. Then, using a small piece of cotton wool, process your shoes. To do this is necessary, naturally, from the inside.

    To avoid contamination, it is worth regularly disinfecting household items. It's enough just to boil them in soapy water. It is recommended to add a small amount of soda to the solution( half a spoonful).

    You will learn about the recommendations on the care and treatment of nails while watching a video.